Calvin Klein - An American Fashion Icon

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Popular American fashion brand Calvin Klein is based in Manhattan.

Founded in 1968,Guest Posting the brand is easily recognizable, thanks to its iconic "cK" emblem.

Originally founded as a coat shop based out of the York Hotel, a bit of legend surrounds the small shop's expansion to fashion empire. The story goes that a buyer from legendary department store Bonwit Teller got off on the wrong floor of the hotel, stumbled across the store and was so impressed that an order worth $50,000 was placed. However it happened, though, shortly thereafter the first Calvin Klein collection was shown at the retailer and the rest as they say is history.

Calvin Klein himself was featured on the cover of "Vogue" the following year. The brand quickly expanded, adding sportswear, blazers, lingerie, linens, scarves, shoes, sunglasses and more. By 1978, jeans had been added to the Calvin Klein line and were a hit, inspiring a designer jeans explosion.

Initial attempts to launch a cosmetics and fragrance line were not well-received, and forced a retreat. Determined to recoup the losses, a line of boxer shorts for women and a men's underwear line were introduced and Calvin Klein became the ultimate name in designer underwear. A hugely successful marketing campaign created a desire for Calvin Klein underwear and the company continued to grow, undaunted.

The fragrance line rebounded and became one of the company's most successful products. In 1993, Calvin Klein was named "America's Best Designer," primarily for his minimal, yet purely American designs. The Calvin Klein brand has been famous for stirring a bit of controversy, starting with the famous Brooke Shields ads, in which a 15-year-old Brooke announced that nothing came between her and her Calvins. Modeling for Calvin Klein would launch a number of other careers, including those of Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Sabato Jr. and Kate Moss.

Currently, Calvin Klein remains a fashion leader, with the following brands providing major draws:

- Calvin Klein Collection, the high-end designer line

- Calvin Klein Sport

- Calvin Klein Jeans

- Calvin Klein Home

- Calvin Klein Underwear

- Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry

- CK one Lifestyle

Calvin Klein features a stunning array of classic and popular fragrances. Such household names as Obsession, Eternity, ck one and Euphoria are all part of the famous Calvin Klein line. Obsession, stunning and sensual, was launched in 1985, and was recognized immediately for its intense scent. Eternity features a sweeter floral profile, and is noted for its clean and feminine fragrance. The modern scent of ck one is designed to be appropriate for both men and women. Clean and refreshing, the light fragrance is meant to be splashed liberally, ideal for close contact. Euphoria is a sexy fragrance, with exotic fruit notes and fragrant florals, blended into a rich and sensuous scent.

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