Clean Up With Absorbent Bounty Paper Towels

Dec 31


Gen Wright

Gen Wright

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Bounty, also known as the "Quicker Picker Upper," is the brand of paper towels preferred by cleaning specialists for superb performance and absorbency.

These durable Bounty paper towels clean up spills quickly and are inexpensive enough for everyday use at home or at the office. They hold up to their reputation for toughness but they are still soft to the touch. Soak up small or large spills in every room,Clean Up With Absorbent Bounty Paper Towels  Articles especially those in which spills are most likely to occur.

Purchase your supply of Bounty Paper Towels from a large online warehouse for the best prices and home or office delivery convenience. You can get fast, direct to your door shipping nationwide and the extra convenience of live online customer support. Online services are ideal for those large orders of bulky cleaning and janitorial items that are difficult to shop for.

Bounty is one of the most highly respected brand names for cleaning and janitorial use. Here are some details about three of the most popular white wholesale Bounty paper towels ready to ship to your home or office. All types are available in large 30 roll cases.

- Advantage Bounty Kitchen Paper Towels are big rolls with 64 sheets per roll in the 11" x 11" size. These 2-ply Bounty towels are excellent for extra tough clean up jobs.

- Bounty Basic Paper Towels have 56 sheets per roll and are perforated so you can easily tear off just the amount needed. Bounty Basic paper towels are single-ply, durable paper roll towels.

- Bounty Perforated Kitchen Towel Rolls are the most commonly used. The "Quicker Picker Upper" white paper towels have 52 hard-working sheets per roll.

Bounty Paper Towels have a long history of superior quality and great service. They tackle your toughest cleaning jobs and keep on working to pick up spills fast. They are the brand name towels from Procter & Gamble, made right at home in the USA. Bounty Towels are the right choice when quality counts. The history of Bounty Paper Towels is a classic success story of great performance and top quality materials.

Order your supply of durable Bounty Paper Towels today for home and for work by the case. Delivery is available nationwide quickly and reliably so you get what you need when you need it. Another advantage you get when you order Bounty Paper Towels Online is that Bounty Towels are just the beginning. At the same time you can order all of the accessories and cleaners you could ever need to use along with your Bounty, including storage bins, buckets, mops and other important cleaning and food service aides.

Do not sacrifice quality when quality is so affordable with online wholesale pricing. Get top brand name supplies like Bounty paper towels and other Procter & Gamble products. Brand names are durable and reliable; it's how they gained their reputation for quality!

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