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San Jamar carries a high quality line of dispensers that are ideal for commercial use.

From paper towel dispensers to rubber glove dispensers,Guest Posting San Jamar products are designed to provide durability and flexibility at an affordable price. In this way, San Jamar products can be a practical solution to a wide range of dispensing needs.

With over twenty years of consistent service and innovation, San Jamar has specialized in dispensing products that are smart, safe and sanitary. This dedication to quality has served the company well, and it has seen tremendous growth since its inception in the 1980s. San Jamar now provides dispensers across the country and has been extending its sales to other countries with a new sales and distribution facility opening in Mexico in 2008.

With such an established reputation in the dispensing industry, it is no surprise that San Jamar carries a full range of dispensing items, all of which have been carefully tested and perfected. San Jamar offers a varied line of toilet paper dispensers, catered to meet any need. The options include covered roll dispensers, which can house jumbo sized commercial rolls, and smaller standard roll dispensers for less extensive needs. The paper towel dispensers come in the same range, with lever based systems, Ultrafold options, and even center pull variations. These dispensers can be bought for any capacity, including larger systems for heavy traffic areas. For more specialized needs, San Jamar also provides water cup dispensers and rubber glove dispensers.

To help ensure the highest quality, San Jamar products are designed to be especially durable. To achieve this top of the line durability, San Jamar relies on versatile high end plastics, often in easy to match colors such as black pearl. Most San Jamar products are crafted with break resistant plastic, and key moving parts are easy to replace in case of maintenance or repair. To this end, San Jamar has worked hard to create products that are easily refilled.

San Jamar also recognizes the vast and varied needs of its customers by making its products as flexible as possible. San Jamar dispensers are designed to work with the majority of standard products, making it easy for customers to use these dispensers with any type of toilet paper, paper towel, disposable cup, or more. As another bonus to customers, San Jamar products are easy to install, with durable materials and explicit directions. The paper towel dispensers can even be installed on a wide range of surfaces, including special adhesives to allow for mounting to a mirror.

In addition to these practical concerns, San Jamar recognizes that appearance is also important. To this end, San Jamar has continued to revise its products, consistently producing models with sleek and attractive appearances to suit modern spaces. The black pearl coloring of most of the products is well suited to a wide range of design schemes and the rounded edges are not only a safety bonus but provide a pleasing finished look. San Jamar has also gone to great lengths to reduce the size of its dispensers, offering streamlined products that provide the same quality but without taking up nearly as much space.

Overall, San Jamar's strong history in dispensing stands for itself. With high quality products at an affordable price, San Jamar can meet any dispensing need.

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