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Echo Canyon is a place that you could confuse with paradise, if your idea of paradise is a substantial view of the various mountain ranges and direct access to the Camelback Mountains.

If your idea of paradise is amenities that are unsurpassed and first class access to the sights and the sounds of the city of Phoenix,Guest Posting one of the fastest growing places of industry and commerce in the United States. If your idea of paradise is a luxury community where virtually every want that you could have is enclosed in the package of the Biltmore area. Echo Canyon offers all these things along with some other great advantages:

24 Hour Security Access

Since it is part of the luxurious Biltmore area, Echo Canyon boasts security levels that will have you sleeping well at night with the knowledge that you, your loved ones, and all your possessions, are safe and sound. Phoenix is a very nice family community, but it is also a large city. Large cities are not perfect, and so you do have to be on your guard against the rare ne'er do well, who could threaten your home or property. This is of little concern in the Biltmore area as gated security around the clock controls who comes and goes and only those living in the area may pass at their own discretion.

Stable Home Prices

Security access is not all that the Echo Canyon area delivers to its tenants. Stable home prices, which are pretty much non existent in other parts of the country, are a reality here. Many of the homes are not cheap. You can't get in to this area for less than $1 million, and several are $2 million or more. This is a testament to the quality of the home, its size, and its access to luxury amenities and lifestyle opportunities. While the rest of the world struggles to make sense out of the sluggish housing market, the value of these homes has remained pretty consistent. For real estate investors, this is a particularly attractive area in which to settle. The options of making a purchase that will be highly profitable in 5 to 10 years or making a purchase that will turn in to a profitable rental property are what brings many to the area.

Available Short Sales

While you won't be able to count on this aspect of the Echo Canyon lifestyle forever, you live in a unique time. A period where you could conceivably get into the most luxurious area of Phoenix without paying seven figures. The key is in finding a quality short sale home and a knowledgeable real estate agent, who knows how to point you in the right direction.

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