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Ukraine is a beautiful country located in Eastern Europe and once was part of the USSR, which collapsed in early 1990s. The country borders Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary and Belarus.

Ukraine is truly a spectacular country in Eastern Europe and once was a part of the USSR,Guest Posting that collapsed during the early 1990s.The country borders Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary as well as Belarus. This makes it a major gateway for the people travelling to countries in the Eastern Europe. This country is a favorite tourist vacation spot particularly for those residing in Western Europe, North America and Asian countries. Customs and rich heritage dating back to the 10th century are the Ukraine's main attraction. When you explore this country, you'll certainly be surprised by the attractive architectural creations which exhibit the exquisite splendor and charisma of Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine's city capital, is a main centre of attraction in itself, with its rich cultural heritage being the key highlight. Tourists to this country are generally astonished by the attractive countryside and also the attractive landscapes of this wonderful land. It is a great destination for lovers to enjoy their holiday and that is why it is one of the popular honeymoon spots in the world. Ukraine is an attractive and captivating country to visit and has both old fashioned and modern architecture. This combination includes modern towns built alongside traditional ancient villages and amidst beautiful countryside. The majority of people touring this country for the first-time usually go to Kiev, Ukraine's capital city. The outskirts of this town astound you to no end. The lodging facilities are state of the art and you will even fall in love with the cuisine provided by the people of Ukrain. The Golden Gate, located in Kiev, is the most beautiful landmark of this country. This Golden Gate was built in 1017 and is also the point of entry for visitors going to the old town of Kiev. You should not miss out on seeing the Golden Gate when touring Ukraine. Apart from this landmark, you will get the opportunity to tour the neighboring stations and art gallery around the town. The various tour guides within the city can be used to know the background and story of this country in a much better way. The people of Ukraine are in love with flowers and take quite keen interest in them. While in Ukraine, you don't fail to notice the numerous florists set that sell many different lovely flowers. The people of Ukraine have their official flower known as the carnation. In the country, these are probably the most popular flowers sold. If you ever visit this country, then make sure to buy a flower for your special loved one and if possible make use of one of the many international flower shops in the country to send flowers to your loved ones at home.

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