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In this article you will learn the different type of shotguns that will best suit your need and some of gun reviews from shooters themselves.

If you love sports hunting,Guest Posting then you should definitely have idea of what shotgun types are best to use in order to ensure that you get the most out of your hunting trips. Shotguns are one of the most often used hunting guns. And when choosing the right shotguns, you should consider some factor such as the weight of the gun, and the type of shotgun that is best for you. The other things that involved in purchasing a shot gun are what gauge and what brand.

The three basic categories of a shotgun are the following; these three has its own advantage and disadvantage that you will discover upon using it. But lets take a look at brief explanation of what these types are.

- The Pump Action

If you are looking for a shotgun that is low in price, the pump actions are the one that will best suit you. They are the common type of shotguns but are reliable. The pump action is made to be loaded with shells through its slide. New shot shells are placed into the chamber, with the slide moved to the rear and then pumped forward with every shot.

- The Semi- Auto Action

These guns are also known as Auto- Loader which use a variety of different automatic systems to eject the spent shell and reload a new shell with only the pull of the trigger. As compared to the Pump action, the semi- Auto actions are generally more expensive and depending on the quality of the gun, they can be as reliable as a pump-action.

- The Hinged/ break Action

A hinged/break action shotgun needs shells to be manually inserted into the chamber. It can have side-by-side barrels, rifled third barrels or rifle caliber barrels and can further be classified into single shots, over-and-unders, and side-by-sides.

To help you even more, here are some gun reviews and testimonials from shooters who use shotguns when hunting. (Note of the brands of shotguns they are using too this can give you idea of what shotguns are best to buy for your sports hunting)

"This is a very good primary weapon for beginners, as it is easy to handle and very durable. This weapon will surely be dangerous in any user’s hands. Id give this a 9/10 for overall performance, since afterall i havent had a single problem with this weapon" - Ronald Smith, 28 years old, owner of a Mossberg 590 Pump Action Shotgun

“I love my Remington 1100 shotgun.--- high quality, dependable, durable, and reasonable in price. I bought the gun for only $1099. You really get what you pay for!” – Kenneth Smith, 32 years old, owner of a Remington Model 1100 Shotgun

“I have several shotguns and rifles in my collection. Recently, O just bought this Ultralight Benelli for only $1889 and felt very happy and satisfied with the performance. It is consider to be the lightest 12-gauge semi-automatic in production. It is easy to carry and I super love it” - Jerry David, 42 years old, owner of a Ultralight Benelli, a side-by side shotgun

“"I think it's one of the few really great deals I've gotten. I paid $165 NIB for the weapon, or $185 on my door after transfer. For that I got essentially an 870 in tactical furniture, with ghost ring sights, and because of the longer stock magazine, it's 5+1 vs 4+1. I added 6-round side saddle and a two-round extension to mine (there's a guy on THR who specializes in these), and I'm still under $250 for a very capable shotgun in full HD trim.

And, just to make sure it wasn't all show and no go, I used it in an IDPA-style shotgun match at Pelham as well as the USCG 3-Gun at Hartford, and it performed flawlessly" - Scotts Lee, 28 years old, owner of a Norinco 982 shotgun

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