Importance of the church furniture

Nov 24


Liam Derbyshire

Liam Derbyshire

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Church furniture gives us different ideas about the ways of worship,

the usage of particular place for the purpose of their worship. Church furnitureis for two purposes,Importance of the church furniture Articles it is functional as well as it is decorative. Most of the furniture is also used for decoration. The get together of the Christians is for the worship by hearing the words of God that are preached by reading the Bible.Alter is the part of the church furniture just like the church pews. The word altar is derived from Latin word Altare that means a place or a structure to offer sacrifice. It is place in front of the church pews. Alter reminds Christians about sacrifices made by the Jesus. Alter is always placed in a permanent place.Describing the importance of furniture, there are different parts of furniture which have respective importance such as Font. The word Font is derived from the Latin world fons that means the spring of water. The container that contains water which is used in the ceremony is called font. The main function of the Font is the storage of water. It is usually made up of stones and is usually placed near the church door. When the font is not being used by the people it is placed in the chapel of West End near the great west door.Another type of furniture is lectern. The word lectern is derived from the Latin word that means to read. Lectern is a bookstand on which the Bible and other religious books are placed.

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