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When you think of classic button down shirts, what is it you think of? Well for most what comes to mind is the normal everyday dress shirt. Most of the dress shirts come in short sleeve or long sleeve varieties.

They come in many colors and well as plain and striped shirts. Choosing which you wish to wear depends on where you work and what time of year it is. Many will want a short sleeve in the summer,Guest Posting while they desire a long sleeve in the summer. Depending on your occupation, you may have to wear the long sleeve variety.

Most of the classic button down shirts you see out there are the long sleeve variety. You will see many worn by doctors, lawyers, bankers and a variety of other business professionals out there. Normally when you see long sleeve shirts being worn, there will be a tie worn with it. Many people will spend a great deal of time matching shirt colors and ties. There are some out there that will buy a shirt and find something out there that is close to it and go. They do not want to spend a great deal of time on this.

Maybe the classic button down shirt you wish to wear is a short sleeve shirt. While this type of shirt does not seem as professional, it still says you are no slouch when it comes to doing your job. Maybe your position does not require a shirt and tie and you are looking for comfort. Wearing a short sleeve shirt may be just the thing for you. Be sure that the dress code from your employer allows you to wear the short sleeve shirt.

What type of pattern are you looking for? When it comes to buying classic button down shirts, they are usually plain or pinstripe. There are endless numbers of colors and places where you can buy the shirt you are looking for. The same thing applies to short sleeve shirts. In some cases, you will find a plaid or checkered pattern. Buy the shirt that fits your style. They are many designs, patterns and colors to choose from. Figure out which is best for you before you buy.

Now you have gone to get your shirt. You have figured out what type of classic button down shirts are right for you. You have gone out and purchased the shirt right for you. Consideration has been given to what type of shirt you want whether it is a short sleeve or a long sleeve button down shirt. If it is a long sleeve you bought, you bought the tie that fits the shirt. If not, you have bought the short sleeve shirt that fits your tastes. Careful thought has been given as to whether you want a plain or a pin stripe shirt. Even the color has taken some thought. But you finally have the shirt you were wanting and are now ready for the business world. Now you can show everyone who you are and what you are made of.

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