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CK underwear is the most famous men¡¯s accessories brand. People should know that the Calvin Klein underwear is the first choice for most of men around the world. The price for ck underwear is very high. So,Guest Posting when people are in purchase of this kind of underwear, they should know some basically knowledge about the distinguish method for the genuine CK underwear. Today, the best online seller for wholesale Calvin Klein underwear which website is would let people know this knowledge.

The first way to identify genuine and fake of Calvin Klein underwear is to look at the version. The genuine type of ck underwear would have middle seam. The inner leg would have volume copy side. However, the overall effect would be very sexy and smooth. On the other hand, the layout of imitation product such as cheap ck underwear in china is not in place. However, the imitation one could not wear out the genuine effect.

The second method is the LOGO identification method. The logo of the original ck underwear and genuine CK underwear is very clear and the concavity feeling is very strong especially the CK 365 series. However, the imitation goods are not like this. The color of inner and outside of the belt of original one is different even the color of word is also in different. The belt of some genuine Calvin Klein underwear is relatively soft and their flexibility is also very better. The belt of imitated one would be much harder.

The genuine and authentic ck underwear is without suture. On the other hand, many faked underwear has exposed their suture. The genuine products would have different series of water wash design according to different series. There are much more series of water wash designs such as cotton wash label, offset printing and hot stamping. In addition to standard washing, there would have another label according to the different country.

The hand-sewing of the genuine cheap ck underwear in china are all straight thread sewing and all edging are all very taken with delicate working process. People could not see any thread on this kind of underwear. On the other hand, the imitation models would be very rough and the footing of the sewing is very loose. They are very easy to be occurred the breakage phenomenon.

From all information before, people should have more knowledge wholesale calbin klein underwear about how to identify the genuine ck underwear. If they want to purchase the cheap ck underwear online, the website would be the best choice for them.

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