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As we all known that NFL is the United States of America's most famous occupation football league,Guest Posting and the League has 32 teams, so it has the largest number of fans. In my opinion Other coalition is trying to compete with NFL, but all of them failed to get so much support like NFL, because it have so many fans. That is to say no matter what the shirt or product sales or ratings, NFL is the the best one that the other sports union cannot be compared, all in all NFL is fully deserve the sport in the United States No.1.As Wholesale Jerseys reported today.

While i would like to tell you that our today?¯s main title is that I will together with all of you to meet the Miami dolphins one of the NFL team.there are some changes as well as the team's recent, and now from the changes everyone is very concerned about the Miami dolphins ,that is the Miami dolphins?¯ Jersey are going to board,and all the Jersey will face changes ,but the new jerseys you can order now.following is the NFL of Miami dolphins introductions and what?¯s the new Miami dolphins jerseys.

We know that the Miami dolphins in 1966 to join the American Football Conference, and joined by the Federation of American football and rugby union merger in 1970 into the national occupation rugby union.while the team's name was chosen by the fans to vote.maybe this is a espcial way to decide the team that time we know that there are 622 fans suggested the use of the name of Dolphin fans were in 20000. In my mind that the team owner Jo Robin at that time said he liked the name because dolphins are the fastest ocean in one of the most intelligent creatures.and it can stand for the heart of the team.In dolphins history, most of the time is one of the most successful coach in NFL history Don Shula who is a hore of many fans. In his coaching career, he has won 347 games. In 1971, he became coach of second years, the dolphin team advanced to the super bowl, but never won the champion,which is the most unhappy thing for him. The following year, they won the Super Bowl champion, and become the NFL history is history only a victory title since the team. In 1973, they broke into the Super Bowl again. They are the first for three consecutive years into the Super Bowl team.

About NFL jerseys introduction can be summarized as: it is composed of jerseys and shorts, usually made of nylon and elastic fabric, has enough flexibility. Each player's coat must be embroidered on the chest number, there should be at least 20.3 cm or more, while behind the number should be 25.4 cm above, consistent with the provisions of. Jersey color not match with the ball of the same color. That is to say it can not belong to brown or brown. Then what is the Miami dolphins jerseys now and what changes they are?

The changes of the jerseys may drow everyone of the fans of NFL attention to concern it,that is to say ,if you are a fan of NFL ,you may produce many feelings for may think that the new jerseys may looks beatifull than the past one,and the jerseys may more can stand the team,and may let all the fans of the miami dolphins more and more believe the team can become the best.

As we all know,logo is the most important thing for a team ,if it changed,may mean that all the team will faced the biggest changes,in my opinion,though the team decide to let the logo form the up to the down ,the little change may cause the result that all the jerseys must agin to the board,if you are always concern the team?¯s jerseys ,i will tell you a good new that you can advance to order the new jerseys ,and become the frist one to gain the new jerseys.

Dear friend ,it is time to plan to order the new jerseys now,there are a lot of place you can choose to order,but i will introduce a website that can let you feel that it is easy to order what you want ,and know more about the newest new about the Miami dolphins jerseys ,and the website will update the news about the team every seconds.and please follow me and believe me ,what i tell you are all the true one.all in all ,if you can?¯t wait to want to own the new jerseys please come into the now its your turn to order the new jerseys of Miami dolphins now!

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