Plant-Powered Brands Taking Environment Seriously

Apr 7


Sidhant Bhardwaj

Sidhant Bhardwaj

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To celebrate Earth Day and advance towards a greener future, we bring you the brands that are moving every stone in their way to be more eco-conscious and sustainable.  From high-performing formulas to biodegradable packaging, these labels have just outdone themselves in the landscape of ‘natural’ beauty. Fortunately, we are proud to be associated with these brands that walk the walk when it comes to clean, toxin-free, and eco-friendly products focusing on the sustainability of ingredients. Here’s our edit to let you indulge in the pure essence of Mother Nature and make a switch today for a better tomorrow.


1. Disguise Cosmetics

Meet Disguise Cosmetics – First homegrown PETA-approved vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand in India. With eco-friendliness at its ethos,Plant-Powered Brands Taking Environment Seriously Articles they recently initiated a recycling program, ‘Give It To Me, Baby’ to recycle the product empties into the fibers of clothing. Isn’t it amazing!  From lipsticks to nail paints, get ready to fill your vanity with some Disguise beauties to pamper yourself with the goodness of nature.

2. Juicy Chemistry

Sustainability at its heart, Juicy Chemistry coddles skin with the purest essence of nature. With recyclable and reusable packaging, they are celebrated for offering products that are organic and free from synthetic additives or preservatives. The ingredients are eco-certified, sustainably packed with environment-friendly and safe practices.

3. The Switch Fix

It’s high time to make a switch to more sustainable alternatives. And, here we bring you, The Switch Fix. A plant-based clean and conscious personal care brand that embraces a balanced and eco-friendly lifestyle with its elusive range of non-toxic, non-polluting, and clean products that make total sense to fight the new-age aggressors. The Switch Fix is actively fighting against plastic waste and uses only 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

4. Bare Necessities 

Adapt to a zero-waste life with Bare Necessities. The products are housed in plastic-free and recyclable, compostable packaging. From recycling programs to organic ingredients, Bare Necessities has taken an eco-friendly route to gorgeously glowing skin.

5. Junaili

Junaili is a family-owned apothecary based in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, formulating restorative personal care products powered with the finest botanicals and supported with sustainable practices.

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