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It seems that retro is getting back in the fashion world. And people are getting back to the 'old is gold' thinking all over again.

Whether it is music remixes or clothing,Guest Posting people are getting increasingly drawn towards stuff that were a great hit three to four decades back. I guess it is a cycle that repeats itself from time to time and most of us would like to become wistfully nostalgic about the old times. There is a strange romance and charm about it and that explains the popularity of the boho look nowadays. Celebrities like Sienna Miller, Vanessa Hudgens, Blake Lively and more are getting on the boho trend and one of their favorite boho item are the Poncho Boho sweaters.

Ponchos sort of slipped into oblivion in the last 30-40 years with other clothing styles overtaking it for style, comfort and trendiness. Now they are back in fashion and are considered excellent for summer wear especially if you have a bathing suit or sleeveless dress on.

Ponchos in particular have that heady formal and casual combination about them and many have taken to it very great enthusiasm. It has indeed been a revival for this forgotten garment and designers are working overtime to present it in a manner that is in line with the fashion trends of today.

The design and the choice of fabric is also of essence here. Crocheted ponchos made of light cotton and in pastel shades are in vogue today. They are being worn at daytime and also make an excellent combination with a dark sleeveless evening dress. The change from the old heavy and blanket style ponchos of yesteryears is very discernible though.

Fashion designers are making use of delicate fabric and are incorporating more oomph into it this season. The sexy styles fashioned out of silk, light cotton or embroidered materials are being designed to suit every body type. The advantage with free flowing ponchos is that it can conceal ugly fat quite well. Maybe that is another good reason for overweight women to feel that they are better off wearing these ponchos.

Youngsters have experienced the merits of wearing them on jeans for that casual look. They are also quite happy to wear them over the ubiquitous black evening dress and embellish it with a shining brooch as an accessory. Fashion trends as can be seen on catwalks reflect bohemian styles, ethnic styles and casually elegant cashmere ponchos worn with jeans.

Some of the European designers have reintroduced the shrug-style tied at the shoulder ponchos made out of knitwear and lace. This is the short women’s ponchos style being sought to be made popular yet again by these designers. Asymmetrical longer ponchos in bright colors and various geometric patterns are also in trend.

So get your Poncho boho sweaters today because winter is absolutely coming. And shop it only at a reputable brand and site. My favorite brand to shop is Johnny Was. Check them out and fall in love with their collection.

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