Science Fiction: A Genre with No Limits

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Science fiction, on the whole, has captivated movie-goers, novel readers, and television enthusiasts equally for generations. While many people would classify science fiction itself as a genre, there is much more to it than that.

It is a very broad genre that truly is made up of a large variety of smaller sub genres. Often times,Guest Posting science fiction fans are classified and clustered into one large group with the same interests and tastes and that is simply not the case. Throughout television, literature, films, and even theater, science fiction has become one of the most widespread yet varied forms of mass media today.

Another misconception when it comes to the genre of science fiction is that it is based on fantasy. Fantasy and science fiction are closely tied, but there is a main difference between the two. Science fiction always finds a way to justify the storyline or interactions between characters in a scientific way that makes the story plausible. On the other hand, fantasy media portrays impossible situations with no set explanation. Fantasy just allows your imagination to run free. Science fiction always gives you an explanation which lets you believe more in the story and focus more on the plot rather than question the seemingly impossible aspects.

One of the great parts about science fiction is the timelessly classic feeling that older movies contain. Sure it's great to see the big bad new age films with explosions and multi-million dollar budgets, but there is something to be said for the old classics. Even with massive budgets and all the high talent actors possible, some of the new movies can never truly convey the imagination and creativity of the originals.

Science fiction novels and movies are put together as a way to entertain the mind with thoughts of the true possibilities of science and the future. Unlike other genres where superheroes simply fly free or spin webs, science fiction captivates audiences because it provides a way to imagine a world where the possibilities are endless. What could be possible in the future and what sort of technology might we possibly be able to look forward to? Sure many of the ideas inherent within science fiction seem far fetched at times, but there is always a basis of reality that often gets fans excited about the future endeavors of our world.

From Star Trek to Star Wars and everything in between, the possibilities for science fiction as a genre are infinite. While other genres may indeed run out of plot lines or have stories redone on numerous occasions, this just does not happen with science fiction and that is what makes it so intriguing and inviting for old time fans and newcomers alike. Whether you have been a science fiction fan for decades or are just recently falling in love with the genre, there is a never ending list of movies, TV shows and books that are sure to captivate you and your mind.

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