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While refrigerated trucking may cost a bit more than normal trucking, it's worth paying since you really won't have any choice.  It's important to get as many bids as possible on your transportation, but also take into account the amount of care and dedication since the products must often be treated so carefully relative to a hardier staple like potatoes or grain.

Central Refrigerated Trucking is not only a very trusted food and refrigerated goods transportation service. In addition,Guest Posting this great company offers some of the most promising career opportunities for anyone interested in getting into truck driving. Good jobs and good service make a quality American company.

The company

Central Refrigerated Trucking is a nationwide company that hauls all kinds of refrigerated goods in semi-trailers. These trucks carry mostly food products that either have to be kept frozen or at least cold. Most of these are perishable items such as meats, etc. that are being transported from one place to another.

These services are provided and guaranteed to be very good because the company trains individuals to be the best they possibly can at their jobs. They dedicate themselves to their company and their own careers, so they will not cheat you or waste your time.

The career

A career with Central Refrigerated Trucking is a promising position for anyone that is serious about a lifelong career that will make them a substantial amount of money and ensure that they are taken care of for the rest of their life. You can make anywhere from about $30,000 to over $70,000 driving for this company, depending on your level of expertise.

When you apply with this company, you will be enrolled in your driving training program. Everyone who is hired with this company has to go through this program. Of course, you are paid a little while you are still a trainee, but your income increases very quickly.

There are for levels to working for this company. As you progress through each of these, you will gain more responsibilities as well as more pay. These are the four levels of career through which you can advance:

- At the first level, you are a trainee.
- When you become a company driver, you can make about $30,000 a year.
- Step 3 in the career path allows you to lease your own truck. This occurs only three months after you start with the company.
- The final step will gain you over $70,000. This is a lease driving trainer. It comes with more responsibility and much more pay.

While you are driving for this company, you are also covered with company insurance and can opt for retirement plans as well.

Central Refrigerated Trucking provides both very good service and a promising career path for anyone interested. The pay is great, and the conditions are as well.

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