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The answer is all in the numbers: as of last count,Guest Posting there are about 800 million users on Facebook and 200 million over Twitter.  The massive growth of social media keeps businesses scrambling to discover the right way to get their share of the social media pie.

So if your company is just starting in social media, you may want to know how other successful companies are navigating the social media world. Here are some of the things you need to know.

Social media for companies should never forget to utilize these three biggest social media sites:

Facebook – Facebook begins as a simple networking tool for students and friends alike to know where they are and share what they are doing (partying or traveling, it doesn’t matter). Today it is a vital tool for business marketing. The primary method that businesses use to exploit Facebook’s marketing possibilities is by creating a “page” for their business which Facebook users can follow. Businesses can then use their page to market their products, offer deals, and build their brand.

Twitter – Twitter also has a humble beginning of being used as just a tool to communicate like text based. Today it blossomed into a full-scale business marketing tool. Twitter uses 140 character “tweets” (short messages) that appear in the homepage of all users who “follow” the account. Businesses can use these to release news, market their products, and direct attention to special offers and new content. I have a twitter account that has 50,000 follower and whatever I post a status in twitter, a minimum of 50 people click the link.

Google+ – is a relative newcomer but is quickly becoming an important tool for businesses looking to increase their presence in the world of social media marketing. Google+ has features that enable businesses to utilize its model in the ways Twitter and Facebook are used but also has several facets these others do not. Plus, don’t forget that it’s google. And google rules.

Here are some tips if you want to start social media for companies:

Tip #1: There is an art to social media management. It’s less about making a direct sale and is really more about creating a persona behind the brand that’s personable and relatable—much like your average friend over Facebook or follower over Twitter.

Tip #2: Facebook and Twitter are not the only ones. Social news sites bring traffic to a website as much too. These sites do not receive the same level of mainstream media coverage that Facebook and Twitter enjoy. But Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit are still great at spurring viral distribution of content. In fact, sometimes, my top source of traffic is stumbleupon.

Tip #3: Though social media is powerful, your website is still needed. Social media is the new shiny red apple. It's not going anywhere, but neither are web sites. So put as much efforts in your website as you put in social media. And do other internet marketing strategies such as submitting to online directories, article directories, social bookmarking etc

Tip #4: Blogging is very important. There is so much noise on the internet, why bother blogging? Here’s why: It gives you a voice and at least a modicum of control of your brand--especially if you really have something important to say and you say it on a consistent basis.

Tip #5: Update and connect daily. Any social media campaign would fail without any efforts. So make sure you put an effort to update your social media accounts daily and to connect with your followers – answer their questions or even their complaints.

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