The detailed description about the Nazi relics: Nazi armbands

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After World War II,Guest Posting Nazi Germany government had built Monument and published relics such as Nazi flag and Nazi armband to record the concentration camp victims. When we have the reflection for history, the famous online seller for Nazi armband and swastika flag which website is would give you enough information about the l culture in this special historical period. If you want to buy the high quality Nazi flag for sale, you should choose this website.

The shape of Nazi armbands in concentration camp is triangle. It was used to identify prisoners in the concentration camp of Nazi-occupied countries. The Triangle Nazi armband was made ??by cloth and sewn in the prisoner's jacket and shirt. The specific colors and shapes of these Nazi armbands have different symbolic meaning. However, the different concentration camp armbands system has different meaning. The using volume of the armbands had been gradually reduced in the latter stages of the war but some the Nazi armbands for sale in some concentration camp have had a sudden increase.

The Nazi armbands pattern is similar to Germany triangular road sign which was used to indicating the warning to the driver. The following are the inverted triangle. In addition to the use of color, they also add letter on the red triangle of Nazi armbands to identify their nationality. The letter B is stand for Belgians; the F is stand for French; I is the meaning for Italy. And the letter P is Poles

The following is the Nazi armbands recognition system of Dachau concentration camp in the beginning of the war.

The Black triangle is stand for the people with intellectual disabilities, Alcoholics, Wanderer, Roma, Lesbians and prostitutes.the Nazi armbands with Green triangle is stand for the offender. The pink triangle is for the homosexual or bisexual men. The Purple triangle is used for the people who are Jehovah's Witnesses. The Red triangle of the Nazi armbands is stand for the political prisoners such as social democrats, Masonic members, national enemy. The reason for selecting to the red may be due to the red was represented the communism which was the political opponents of Nazi. A satellite which was consisted of two stacked yellow triangles is the meaning for the Jews which include the real Jaws and those who are Israelites. The pink triangle with a yellow triangle was used for gay Jews.

From the above description, I think you should have a full understanding for the meaning of the Nazi armbands. There are many other Nazi objects such as the nazi flag for sale, Nazi armband for sale and swastika flag.

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