Types Of One-Piece Swimsuits

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One-piece swimsuits are one of the most common choices in women's swimwear stores in Toronto. Majority of women prefer one-piece suits over bikinis for a number of reasons. Why do women prefer the one-piece swimsuit more? And what are the different types of one-piece swimsuits available?

More women prefer to buy one-piece suits in women's swimwear stores in Toronto because it suits their body shape. Women are very concerned about their weight and body appearance. As much as possible,Guest Posting they want to have enough coverage over the areas in their body that they are very conscious off and one-piece swimsuits provide that ample amount of coverage at a considerable level. It also provides ample support especially for women who have a much heavier build or have heavier upper half.

What types of one-piece suits are available in women's swimwear stores in Toronto? One of the most common swimsuits is the maillot. The maillot is a scoop-neck swimsuit which usually has two straps. The straps are usually a few inches wide to spaghetti thin-like straps, on that note we also create custom swimwear with any kind of strap or idea you want.

Racerback swimsuits are commonly used by swimming competitors because this style allows full movement for the arms. This style is highly suggested for women who like to move their arms a lot while swimming.

Bandeau swimsuits are also a growing trend in women's swimwear stores in Toronto. It features a one-piece suit with no straps and has a gathering in the middle to still ensure full support for the bust. Most of the time, these bandeau swimsuits come with detachable straps that can be styled any way you want to make it look like a halter, criss-cross or spaghetti style.

The monokini is one of the new additions to the one-piece and bikini style variation. It is a one-piece suit that looks like a bikini; however, it has a strip of material that connects the top piece to the bottom piece and the sides are cut out exposing the rib part of the body.

The swim dress provides the most coverage of all swimsuit styles because it covers the tummy, upper thighs and butt. It is usually made available in plus sizes or maternity wear.

Now that you know about the types of one-piece suits sold in women's swimwear stores in Toronto, visit the online catalogue today and look for that perfect one-piece suit for you!

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