What is Reclaimed Oak

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Oak, the widely known deciduous tree has some of the strongest and most durable pieces of wood ....

Oak,Guest Posting the widely known deciduous tree has some of the strongest and most durable pieces of wood available. Famous for the waved pattern of its grain and the natural reddish color, it is especially favored for use in flooring and strong furniture, lasting for decades. Woodwork artists have therefore come up with ways to keep the amazingly beautiful pieces looking bright and new as always and therefore the concept of reclaimed oak. Though the word “reclaimed oak” might seem as a cliché word for the environmentally correct and a buzzword for recycle, reuse, and so on, it is important to note that the concept of reclaimed oak is not a shabby chic or fashionable idea, but rather one that has come down through generations. With the challenges the planet and environment are facing today however, it also worth emphasizing the positive attributes of considering the idea. Responsible buying, reduction of waste, preserving nature and keeping the planet green are all concepts worth considering when purchasing any woodwork or oak furniture, being one of the few species of trees to withstand the test of time, should be preserved. This preservation is what has made the reclaimed oak pieces of furniture such jewels to marvel. These strong, traditional and antique products of the hardwood, with some fine touches over time can leave them spackling new. Whether it is for resale, or continued use at home, your reclaimed oak furniture will always attract attention to lookers with its strong ambience and natural reddish color that needs little furnishing. The one thing that stands out about oak, and reclaimed oak furniture is how crisp and smooth it will always look. The bright color of it’s furnish reflects light well, making cleaning it a joy. Oak is easily recognizable and highly respected as wood and with the modern synthetic furniture being reported to contain toxic substances, it is always a safe bet to stick with the old timer. With more stringent controls being taken on restoring the planet’s past glory where oak was in plenty and oak furniture easily available, it is important to take note of how best to make a furniture purchase, whether a bedroom furniture or living room furniture. Considering reclaimed oak is therefore one of the preferred methods where new furniture may not be really necessary. Earth friendly materials for use as restorers are also available in the market and it is therefore easy to work on your old piece of oak. If you’re buying a reclaimed oak piece of old furniture, it is also important to check where the oak has come from, and if not from a legal and sustainable source, keep away from it. In the US, certification for the source of oak is done by the Forest Stewardship Council, FSC, and since most of these precious woodworks such as oak furniture are second hand, be sure to always check their sources. Most importantly however, having oak furniture, whether reclaimed oak, or new, as a living room furniture or bedroom furniture is always a treasure and should be considered as a long term investment rather than an expense.

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