White Magic Spells – Tips On Casting Them

Oct 3


Roberta Barrow

Roberta Barrow

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White magic spells are magical formulas that help us gain good things in life. Be sure to consider the components contributing to the success of your spells.

Magic spells are worded formulas that are believed to create certain magical effects once cast. White magic spells are those spells that are said to be of good nature.  A spell can either be a failure or a success based on many things that affect its effectiveness. To cast these magic spells, White Magic Spells – Tips On Casting Them Articles below are some tips to follow to make your spells more effective.  Work With The Phase Of The MoonSpells work best on particular phases of the moon. Most magic spells work effectively when they are cast on a full moon because all magical powers and energies are strongest at this time; but there are also other spells that should be done on other moon phases. Remember that there are four moon phases and each phase is said to last for seven days. You may think that there is only one day when the moon is full, but actually, full moon days are typically three; although there is one day when the moon is at its fullest.  During the New moon, magic spells that eliminate things are ideal to be done.  On the Waxing moon phase, spells that allow you to gain things such as growing your hair or earning money will have the best success rate.  Finally, there is the Waning Moon phase when spells that do away with ruins and damages are known to work best. Choose The Right SuppliesSimply put, this means you must use the correct ingredients for your magic spells. If you want to cast a love spell, you must use red colored candle instead of yellow or green.  Green colored candles are for money spells.  For added effectiveness, choose materials that already have been charmed. Be Mentally PreparedFocus and concentration are factors that also make a spell effective. You need to concentrate on the spell that you cast, on the emotions supposed to be evoked by the spell and on your target. Suppose if you are casting a love spell, perform the spell with love instead of hatred in your heart.  Be Experienced As A PractitionerThe more experienced you are in casting spells, the more effective they will be.  Experience can be achieved through practice. Perform spells once a month and your spells are likely to be effective. Cast as many spells as you can, no matter how small or big they are, so you will be familiar with the way magic feels. Do not feel frustrated if at first a few of your spells did not work. Over time, with continuous practice, you can master this magic spell casting. Build Enough Magical EnergyThere are many rituals and spells that can help build your magical power and energy. Perform these rituals to gain experience and to develop your magical energy.  Believe In The Power Of Your MagicYour personal belief also influences the efficiency of your magic spells. This means that you must take spell casting very seriously. You should not just toy or play with your magic spells.Make The Right SpellThe appropriateness of a spell is what matters most in any situation. You could be casting the spell at the right moon phase; you could have a solid belief that your spell will work; but if it is not suitable to the purpose and situation, then it might only end in failure.