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Parrots make great pets as they are one of the most intelligent bird species known to man. These green feathered friends have been man's companion in fact and fiction from time immemorial.

These highly interactive pets are prized possessions of those who own them,Guest Posting and maintaining them is not all that easy as it may seem. They require daily attention, supplies, toys, proper training, and most importantly an appropriate cage with ample space for them to spread their wings.

Some basic tips regarding parrot cages

  1. The cage should be made of metal. This will be cost effective and these metal cages are easiest to clean. You will have to make sure that the cage doesn't have toxic paint and there are no wires sticking out which can harm your pet. You will also have to make sure that the parrot can not get its head through the bars of a cage. Once the bird manages to put his head outside the cage, it can easily make the escape.

  2. Parrots usually prefer a square parrot cage so that they can curl up in a corner when they sleep. But circular dome-shaped cages make good as well. You need to provide several perches and swings so that the bird gets ample exercise. The perches can be rearranged every month. Get suitable food and water dishes, preferably made of stainless steel so that they can be easily cleaned.

  3. Parrots are very intelligent and they need mental stimulation. Parrots enjoy toys like puzzles with food or treats inside. They can also play with household toys like old toilet paper rolls or small cardboard boxes. The parrots also like mirrors but make sure there is no toxic paint or sharp edges on the mirror. You can also take out the bird out of cage a couple of times a day to play with it.

Where to shop for your parrot

You will find several options of parrot cages in the market or online. Cages are of different types, standards, and prices. Verify if the paints used are safe and non toxic and if the spacing of the bars in the cage is correct for your bird. You should also be aware of the various packages offered by the stores. You can also buy your pet toys or other accessories along with the cage. Toys often quieten the noisiest of birds; also these are good for the physical and mental wellbeing of the bird. But perhaps the most important thing is your time. You need to spend quality time with the bird so that it does not feel lonely and left out.

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