How to Choose a Beabull Breeder

Nov 4


Kilian Allen

Kilian Allen

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You’ve decided that a Beabull puppy will be the best addition to your family.We have the best tips on choosing a breeder for your new puppy.

You’ve decided that a Beabull puppy will be the best addition to your family but now you’re not sure how to find a breeder or how to know if the breeder you found is good.  We have the best tips on choosing a breeder for your new puppy to ensure a long,How to Choose a Beabull Breeder Articles happy life together!Finding a Beabull breeder can be a daunting task.  There are many out there but how do you know the puppies are healthy, happy and well socialized?  It is important to read about the puppy and be sure their personality, potential size and coloring is just what you’re looking for.  Beabull puppies have the intelligence and stubbornness of a Beagle matched with the affection and loyalty of the Bulldog.  They usually range in size from 20 to 50 pounds and are a variety of different colors – white, red, fawn, tan and white, and even a mixture of these colors.  Pick the best suited to your lifestyle.Next, look at the parents of your Beabull puppy to see their size and learn more about their personality traits as well, keeping in mind the average size and personality of the breed.  Most Beabull breeders will have no problem providing more information about themselves or the parents upon request as they know how important this information is when deciding to buy a Beabull puppy.When you have learned about your Beabull puppy and its parents, read the background of the Beabull breeder – how long have they been breeding Beabulls?  Are there any champion lines from their studs and/or bitches?  Are the puppies kept in the house with family, children, frequent visitors, etc?  Beabulls usually take to new people and pets very easily but you will want to be sure your Beabull puppy has proper socialization from the start.  You need to feel comfortable with the Beabull breeder you choose and this is the best way to determine that.Finally, once you have decided that this Beabull puppy is the one for you, gather more information about what food they are eating, what are their favorite toys and any special care that may be necessary.  Beabull breeders will usually provide this information for you but do not be afraid to ask if they don’t.  This is your puppy and he needs to have the best care!Here at, we have networked with the best Beabull breeders in the nation to ensure any Beabull puppy you choose will be perfect for your household.  But don’t just take our word for it – visit our Beabull puppies for sale and see for yourself!  We have tons of pictures of our Beabull puppies and our Beabull breeders are ready to give you the best gift of all – a loving, affectionate, healthy puppy to cherish for years to come!

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