Is a Doberman a Good Family Pet?

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If you are thinking about getting a puppy, and you have children, chances are, you haven't considered a Doberman puppy. We know Dobermans as guard dogs, but would they make good family pets?

Before you decide to add any dog to your family,Guest Posting you need to have a family discussion and determine if you are able to commit the time and energy to your newest member. Any puppy requires a lot of work and you must remember that your puppy will grow up and be with you for many years. If you are thinking about getting a specific breed, chances are, if you have children you wouldn't consider a Doberman Pinscher.

Thanks to movies and television, Dobermans have a reputation for being vicious guard dogs. Naturally, you would not think a Doberman would make the best family pet. It is understandable to have concerns. Dobermans are working dogs bred for protection, however, the breed has evolved over the years. Dobermans can make wonderful pets for families with children, but as with any breed, you should do your research before you buy.

It is best to get a Doberman as a puppy, since socialization will be such an important aspect of his upbringing, and any puppy no matter the breed should have basic puppy kindergarten classes. Your Doberman puppy will learn to fit in with other family pets and will want to meet all the neighbors and their pets, as well as the families friends. Dobermans love to be with their people, right in the middle of everything. They are not suited for being tied up or penned in the back yard. They won't do well if left at home alone for long periods of time.

There are some things to keep in mind if you chose to get a Doberman. One thing you may not realize is, Dobermans have a very high prey drive. This means they will want to chase after small animals and they may be likely to run off if given the opportunity. Also, they are very sensitive dogs so they will pick up on the families moods, whether happy or sad, and they are especially sensitive to stress.

Today's Doberman is bred for a stable temperament and good health, however, they are prone to certain disorders, including VonWillebrand's, which affects the blood's ability to clot. This can cause severe blood loss from injury or surgery. The parents of the puppies should be screened for VonWillebrands and also Wobbler's Syndrome, which is a narrowing of the cervical vertebrae which affects the dogs ability to walk.

If you want a fun, active, sometimes comical addition to your family, you should consider a Doberman. They are loving and loyal and easy to train. They will protect you and your children instinctively. If you decide to add a Doberman to your family, you will find out why they are known as the "velcro dog".

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