Rain Rot on Horses is Diagnosed by Herbal Shampoos

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Horses are kept as pets for riding. They were always very prominent in regard with religion, mythology and in arts.

An important role has been played by the horses in transportation,Guest Posting agriculture. Horses always had an economical and domestic importance in the world just because it is used almost in everything in reference to transport, journey and traveling. However, the general health of a horse is very important because horses get diseases which harm them in a bad way. If the overall outlook of a house is healthy, than it indicates a good health of the horse but if a horse is very dull and rough, it indicates something bad or in simple it indicates a disease.A horse skin is prone to infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria and biting insects. Rain rot, also known rain scald is the most common disease found in horses.Rain rot on horses is caused by a bacterium which has fungal characteristics because horses are exposed to wet weather longer and there pony gets infected. Rain rot on horses appears on the pony, horse’s back and around the eyes and nose. The rain rot on horses disappears with time just they shed their outer coat or layering in winters and gets back to normal. There should not be any ointments used on rain rot, just a good anti bacterial and an herbal shampoo which would kill all the bacteria and the fungus and are long lasting. Herbal shampoo heals all the diseased skin and has a very supportive affect on horse’s coat. Herbal shampoo contains the herbs like rosemary, dandelion and kelp which keeps the horse’s coat very healthy and strengthen the horse’s body. Removing the hair from affected areas is also helpful in diagnosis of rain rot on horses. The promotion of healthy manes, and shiny skin is natural once the problem is diagnosed.

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