Occupy Wall Street: The Movement That Both Amazes And Attracts Many Haters

Oct 22


Alex Campbell

Alex Campbell

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The Occupy Wall Street Movement instigated by the present Tea Party Movement or TPM has made many intrigued, confounded, confused and disgust many observers.

The Occupy Wall Street propaganda formed by the Tea Party Movement (TPM) has made the people create different reactions. Yet, Occupy Wall Street: The Movement That Both Amazes And Attracts Many Haters Articles the propaganda becomes popular and controversial that still those who first dismissed the movement have changed their minds about it like President Obama and Governor Perry. It is a movement that already reaches outside the United Sites. What is the propaganda about?

In the start, only a handful of protesters started to dwell in the street of Wall Street. They were protesting the apparent lack of consideration of the Wall Street executives who were given humongous bonuses in the middle of an economic crisis many feel was really started out by the unscrupulous dealings of Wall Street. The protests became more controversial when declared that each person official must receive millions of dollars as bonuses.

Years ago, the government had to bail out Wall Street that compromises the entire country. In order not to cause more financial dilemma, the individuals had to pay for the bail out. That bail out saved Wall Street and the economy and delayed the expected floundering. Yet, the officials make a fuss when can no longer continue their merry ways and squander on the money that do not belong to them. The media attention made those executives think twice and save their reputations by returning the bonuses, which were really already the US people's money.

In recent Occupy Wall Street protest, the propaganda is about how the same people corrupt money and give themselves millions of dollars as bonuses. 

As a matter of fact, more and more Americans do not have jobs with quite a number fighting to meet everyday needs. But still, the government is seen to not be doing something about the inequality and selfishness of the Wall Street executives. 

The Occupy Wall Street Movement has escalated and has lots of worries that anarchy is being blatantly displayed on the streets. Moreover, different individuals suggest that the economic instability is also due to the several civil protests and at some point gains support on many protestors. The movement is sided with the Constitution. Even with lack of leadership, peaceful protests are achieved successfully. So far the protests are many but they are peaceful. 

Concerns on garbage management had been tackled and as of this writing, it creates many protesters outside US to do a bit about it.