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People are always looking for certain kinds of information and are usually willing to pay for it as well. Here are some ways to get started publishing your own booklets for fun and profit.

People are always looking for certain kinds of information,Guest Posting and are usually willing to pay for it as well. Here are some ways to get started publishing your own booklets for fun and profit.

Topics And Research:

If you already have some expertise in a field that would make for a good booklet, great! If not, you can start to research some topics that you can become well-versed at in a relatively short time, and that will have the ability to make you some money. Some of the topics that consistently produce results are personal fitness and weight loss, and ideas for starting small home businesses - or simply ways to make money at home. If you don't know much about these things, it is time to do some research.

Your research can and should be deep and multi-tiered. Take a look at your competition, of you can. Find the books or booklets that are selling well in your chosen field, and see of you can decide for yourself what it is about these books that is successful. While you want to steer well clear of any sort of plagiarism, you can use some of the concepts and theories that are in these books without stealing or outright copying. In any event, you will want to use more than one book as resource material, and you will likely want to find experts in the field that you can interview on your own.

Writing Your Booklet:

Once you have all the information you would like to include in your booklet, you can start to write and organize the material. Start with an outline, and fill in the text from there. For the sake of brevity and readability, you will most likely want to keep your booklet to about 40 pages max. Start with chapters, headers and subheaders and go from there. Strive to make your writing entertaining, appealing and clear. Don't be afraid to struggle through a few drafts in order to get the tight wording you are after.

Since booklets are inherently short works, you must strive to keep things simple and not veer off into writing a lot of fluff. As you are putting your booklet together, make it your goal to provide you reader with something of value with every line you write.

Art and Layout:

Consider what artwork you will want to include and find a nice photo or two. Again, since space is limited, you will not want to go overboard here. Just enough to keep the package attractive, and to enhance readability. Try to strike a nice balance between text and graphics.

If you are good at graphics programs, that is all the better. If not, you may need to find someone who can work with typesetting and layout software.

Printing and Binding:

If you have used color, you will want to get your pages printed with a high-quality color printer. As far as binding your booklet, there are a few options such as saddle stitching with a stapler or booklet maker, plastic comb or spiral coil.


Start a website to sell your book from. You should also have a PDF version that you can sell downloads of, which will cut your overhead considerably. Charge a reasonable, but competitive price for your work. Remember that people tend to value things that they paid more for. Getting traffic to your site will be an ongoing process, but doing some keyword research and having a site that is updated regularly will help immensely.

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