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Thinking about the 10 commandments and the controversies concerning them, especially more recent ones and especially in this county, is being considered a strange thing to do. Those have served as the basis of Judaism and in the same time they are still as important to Christianity too, giving people a simple system of strict rules how they have to live their lives.

It is actually a rare situation that such controversies appeared over so simple things as the 10 commandments. Both sides eagerly insist on what they think is right,Guest Posting one believing that those great rules should be publicly displayed everywhere, while the other considers that all people have their right to choose their religion and their beliefs, and that's why no publicity is needed.

There are lots of information over the bible and the commandments on the internet and it is a good idea, no matter what your religion is, to have a look at them. I have done that, and not only had a look but studied them and the controversies that surround them in deepest details. They are very simple and easy to follow rules, they tell you not to steal, not to kill, and not to covet your neighbor's wife or property and so on. No problems with that apart from one only - they say that you should not love any other gods but the God of the Hebrews.

As you can understand all Christian activists want you to believe that the 10 commandments are just rules of how to lead a decent life in an ethnical way, but this is only part of the truth. And that is what causes the controversy, because the 10 commandments also advises you to worship an exact God and I think that no one can force me to do that while being on a state owned property. We have a Constitution that gives us rights and protects them, and it does not say there that the 10 commandments or the bible itself are parts of the law.

If we put them as such in our courts, then we will have to start prosecuting all the other religions. If there are people who believe in them, believe in life after death, in UFO or in anything else, I'm not bothered, just let them do it if they want. But please do not let us all become subject to those 10 commandments. We do not have to share the delusions of other people, we live in the real world.

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