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Nowadays,Guest Posting Boho fashion is very in demand. It is seen on fashion runways, movies and street alike. It seems that everybody wants to go Boho. If you want to be a part of the Boho fashion here are some of my must haves list.Maxi Dresses - The single best boho piece you can add to your wardrobe? The maxi dress or skirt. This floor-sweeping style is the signature piece of clothing for boho style. Look for maxis that have floor-dragging length like Rachel Zoe loves to wear, for a very cool hippie vibe.Fringed bag - Want some instant boho style? Try some fringe. The fringed leather bag -- whether it's soft vintage suede or tooled leather -- is the hallmark boho bag. Carry it as a crossbody bag for a casual vibe or opt for a fringed clutch like Nicole Richie is carrying. The great thing about boho bags -- and boho chic in general -- is that you can either buy it designer or buy it cheap. Online sites like eBay are loaded with perfect fringed vintage bags that give your style an authentic feel.Hanky Hem - The hanky or scarf hem is one good example of a funky element that's classic boho. Here, the uneven hem that Kim Matula is wearing is accented by a crossbody style bag (another good boho chic element.)Funky Jewelry - Whether it's a feather earring or an armful of Native American turquoise, the boho chick loves her funky jewelry. Look for unique pieces -- new or vintage -- that really speak to you. And -- of course -- the danglier the better. Mix and match your accessories and really pile on an armful of bangles for the coolest effect.Groovy Shoes - Boho girls like earthy shoes that combine natural elements, like natural-toned leather or jute wrapped heels. Another boho chic staple is the boot, especially funky fringed boots like Cassie Scerbo is wearing. Other shoe choices include moccasins and all types of cool sandals that feature braided leather or beads (if it has a Native American look to it, it's perfect for boho.)Mixed Prints - If you want to take your separates and give them a cool hippie/boho vibe, one way to do that is to mix prints. See how Ashlee Simpson has taken an otherwise demure top and made it funky with clashing print short? The secret to mixing prints is to find a similar element -- a shared color is the easiest -- and then choose two different types of prints (here its a ditsy print and an aztec stripe.)Cool Belt - Lots of boho looks feature volume, so it's important to have some element of fit. The easiest way to add fit to a look is through the addition of a belt. Try a fringed or suede belt for a soft look that adds a little boho to anything, like Carolyn Manzo's fringed belt worn with a simple maxi.Off the shoulder dress - One of the biggest tell-tale signs of boho is the attitude, like the sexy-but-sweet vibe that an off-the-shoulder dress or top gives. Pair this off-the-shoulder boho dress with easy going beachy waves and tuck a flower behind your ear (flower power is totally boho!)Vest - Layering is another classic boho look. In the winter, try adding a faux fur vest like Rachel Zoe is wearing; in the summer try adding a vintage lace vest or even a denim jacket with the sleeves cut out. With a lot of looks, you can go overboard with too much added together. But with boho, it's perfectly alright to add a maxi with a vest with a floppy hat and major funky accessories: boho is all in the attitude and the blend.Get these boho fashion must haves today and rock the boho look!

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