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The Google Sandbox or the “Google Aging Delay” is a much debated restriction that Google places on new websites so that they cannot rank “well” in its search results for a certain amount of time.

The Sandbox Effect is a theory used to explain certain behaviours observed with some Internet search engines. The Sandbox Effect is the theory that websites with newly-registered domains or domains with frequent ownership or nameserver changes are placed in a sandbox (holding area) in the indexes of Google until such time is deemed appropriate before a ranking can commence.  Webmasters have noticed that their site will only show for keywords that are not competitive. It appears this effect does not affect new pages unless the domain is in the sandbox. In another most interesting case it happens so; that a keyword may not give result for a new site but a little modification in the keyword may not show the output in the result page. Then what’s the basic for which this situation happens and mostly with newbie. The theory behind this phenomenon is known as sandbox effect.The sandbox is just like a holding area for the new sites those are not yet indexed. Mostly newly registered domain or domains changing their nameserver placed there till the ranking can affect. As Google don’t spreads the exact technology they are using for ranking so it’s true that sandbox effect is not an official rule set by Google. Mostly the probable tenure a newbie suffers from sandbox effect varies from three to eight months. A webmaster should know how to determine whether a particular site is affected or not and how to overcome the effect.First of all,Guest Posting the webmaster should know whether the same site is being affected by sandbox or not so that he can take the measures for the same. Before confirming that a site is being sandboxed the webmaster should look for the following few points,Do an allinanchor search for your keyword phrases. Take the statisticsTake the statistics for your search result with Yahoo and MSNTake the statistics of your Google page rank as a comparison to your competitors. Is it differing to a degree of +/-1 in comparison to others?Take a statistics of search results of 7-10 keywords that are matching your keywords, titles and descriptions.Search for your URL in Google see whether you are getting result or notGoogle Sandbox Theory - Does the filter really exist?The Sandbox theory seems to be particularly apparent when a website's keyword phrases are fairly high profile and difficult to optimize for, such as playstation games, personal loans, search engine optimization, credit cards, SEO, etc. Although the sandbox effect is more obvious on website with products and services with high searched for keyphrases, it seems that most sites appear to suffer from the Sandbox effect, to some extent, irrespective of the keywords or the number and quality of incoming links from other websites. Although the Google sandbox effect is merely a theory, it is a theory that 75% of webmasters and search engine optimization professionals believe is a filter in the Google algorithm. Is there really a Google Sandbox?Not all SEO experts agree that Google Sandbox exists as a separate filter from other alleged Google filters. Many of them do not even agree that Google uses a system of filters at all. Skeptics believe that the phenomenon merely echoes already existing Google algorithm calculations, and the Sandbox effect is an illusion. Note that Google has all but admitted recently that the Sandbox filter is real.So, if a webmaster is suffering from sandbox effect then he will look for the answer to the question. The simple answer is that wait for some time. The effect is not permanent in nature so it will get neutralized after some time. If you are not ready to wait then the answer is getting deep links. Try to get links to pages other than home page so that along with the home page other pages also get inbound links to build up popularity. Apart from this the webmaster should concentrate on quality links rather than no of links. Take a look on your internal navigation and page content whether they need modification. And add a perfect site map to your site.How to fight the sand box effect?Since it's clear that the above effect has to do with a site's age, we can say the following two things:    * It's better to optimize an existing website than create a new one.    * If you are still in need of a new site (that has a new domain), upload several pages to it in the early development stages and make sure that these pages are scanned by Google. Simultaneously, start getting incoming links to your site. This way you can add the website's development duration to its age.

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