Google bring Deskbar search to Windows desktop. Now any website can take advantage of this search technology.

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Google's premier of desktop search proves that the desktop is an ... valuable ... real estate. Google, which holds about 75% of the Internet search market, just ... ... – a sm

Google's premier of desktop search proves that the desktop is an
extremely valuable marketing real estate. Google,Guest Posting which holds
about 75% of the Internet search market, just introduced
"Deskbar" – a small desktop application that allows users to
search Google directly from their desktops. Google currently
rules the Internet, but positioning themselves on the desktop
gives them the power to rule not only the Internet, but also the
entire personal computer.

Unlike other interactive marketing avenues, such as website and
email, the desktop is virtually free of advertisements and
promotional materials. The desktop is competitor free and just
waiting to be claimed.

The advantages of desktop search are not limited to Google and
their major search engine competitors though. Any website with
search technology can take advantage of this new marketing
channel including e-commerce and shopping websites, reference
sites, online magazines and news sites, and more.

So, if you have content on your site that visitors or clients are
interested in searching through on a regular basis, what better
way to keep them coming back for more than offering them a
desktop search tool? If you could offer them a useful
downloadable desktop search application, you could ensure that
they will remember you and search your site before your

Developing a desktop search tool yourself would be quite costly.
Luckily, there is a ready-made desktop search tool that can be
customized to work with any website's search.

PromoClock has developed a new desktop search technology that
turns your one-time visitors into steady traffic by allowing them

to search your site directly from their desktops. To search your
site, users simply type their search terms in the desktop search
box and click on the "search" button. Users keep the search
running in the background at all times – giving them constant
reminders and opportunities to search and patronize your site.

PromoClock's desktop search box is not just a simple search
tool. It is a full marketing application that brands and
promotes your website directly on desktops. Each Search Box can
be custom designed based on your logo, website images or even
Flash presentations. Further enhance your desktop search box
with custom menu entries, banner ads and even your own desktop
icons. You may also send time-sensitive alerts for added
usefulness and advertising exposure. Alerts can include site
related tips, product coupons, company news, event notifications
and more. For sites looking to entice users with more than just
a desktop search, PromoClock is also a useful desktop alarm clock
that tells time and activates personal alarms.

So has Google claimed the desktop search? Maybe for now, but
with PromoClock's easy and inexpensive desktop search box, other
sites will be soon to follow.

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