Keyword Selection Methods For Local Businesses - The Key to Highly Targeted Website Traffic

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Learn how easy it is to employ Keyword Selection Methods for local businesses. Don't give any potential business to your competitors by not practicing these Keyword Selection Methods.

It seems like every time you open your email these days,Guest Posting there's some type of new Internet Marketing product, service or gadget available. But if you really think about, all the ebooks, courses and software collecting dust on your shelves and cyber dust on your hard drives won't do you any good at all if you aren't going for Highly Targeted Keywords in your niche. When you write articles or do Pay Per Click Marketing, your Keyword Selection Methods are what will pull your business though. Here are a few tips when doing Keyword Research in your favorite niche.

1.) Market Samurai - We use a program called Market Samurai for our Keyword Research. This is a topic of heavy debate of course, because everyone has their own idea of what the best program out there is for drilling down and finding the ripe fruit. What we do is enter a broad keyword first. For example if we were were working for a client in San Diego that sold furniture, we'd start off with the phrase San Diego Furniture. That's still relatively broad.

Then we'd set the Google Synonym tool to Ignore Additional. Then we'd check the box that says Google Search Keywords and then click the generate Keywords button. Then on the next screen we'd set the match type to phrase. On SEO Comp we'd enter 30000. By doing this I was able to generate a list of 113 terms. I'd then further eliminate any words with flat trends. Then I'd take the rest of the applicable keywords related to what my client was selling and have keyword focused articles written around all of these.

Later on we could perform the same search with the Include Additional option selected. This would give us more ideas to drill down. This all depends on how much work you want to do. We could eventually come up with hundreds of great Longtail Keyword Phrases this easy. If you write an article and the SEO Competition is under 30000 you have a great chance of ranking on this keyword just by writing and sending out an article with it. If the article doesn't rank once the search engines find it, you may find it does better by bookmarking it or even pointing the anchor text from another article directory to it.

One of the main Keyword Selection Methods we use is to start the search broad and go 2-3 levels deep, depending on how many keywords we are trying to get for our niche. No matter what anyone says there's still a ton of good long tail fruit out there, even in most of the very competitive niches. But in local niches that cover cities and counties, it's still the wild wild west indeed. It will be many many years before these local markets get saturated, since just about everyone is still focusing on all of the ultra competitive global markets. There's actually quite a few other Keyword Selection Methods we use and we'd be happy to discuss them with you for free.

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