How to Manage and Control Anger – Effective Tips

Jul 30


Nick Mutt

Nick Mutt

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Anger is not good for health. To manage anger, make a list of at least five behaviors that you can do to relax.

As we all know anger is not good for our health. But due to heavy workload,How to Manage and Control Anger – Effective Tips Articles people sometime show their anger. Showing anger is ok, but hitting is not good. To manage anger set following objectives. Make a list of at least five behaviors that they can do to relax themselves. Deep breathing techniques will help person to control anger. Rehearsal of the breathing exercises can control anger. Importance of this learning is depends on how person calm down prior to responding to a provoking situation. If a person is not tranquil when confronting a person who has done something to distress him, the chances that he will be winning in using his coping skills are decreased. Discuss that one suitable answer to anger is for the person to relax. List examples of different ways people calm down. Each person should make a list of at least five behaviors that could be used to help him relax. For those persons who don’t read, have them make an image list using the supplies listed above. Instruct the people on deep breathing tips and techniques. Use the information sheet to provide the people with information and instructions. Inform them that they may have to do the deep breathing on the spot without the lavishness of a calm room. Tell them to put into practice; it will be easier to do. Talk to the people about how to suitably excuse them when they want to do deep breathing techniques. They cannot just walk away from their superior or manager when he is yelling at them. Teach the people to use an expression such as “excuse me, I have to go to the lavatory.” At this point the people should practice leaving the place and going to do deep breathing in another place. Again, this will put into practice. Remind the people that when they get upset, so do their bodies. In order to help them deal with their emotions and behaviors, they need to keep the feelings in their bodies calm. Think! Why people get angry sometimes without any solid reason. The answer is because of their bodies gat habituated to show the anger. So, controlling the anger is important for everyone. It should not be come into our habit. If it comes in our habit, it will be difficult to control anger. This will cause you failure in your career and life. Copyright © Nick Mutt, All Rights Reserved. If you want to use this article on your website or in your ezine, make all the urls (links) active.

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