Loneliness In Women - A Serious Problem

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Living completely alone has been proven to be unhealthy the longer that one goes.

Successful committed relationships can give so much back to the struggling sufferer of loneliness that living by oneself just cannot accomplish. You've heard it said that "into everyone's life,Guest Posting a little rain must fall." Having someone there through the storms of life is like having an umbrella to protect one from the full intensity of the storm. Living alone does not afford one that umbrella, and the longer a person goes doing so, the more beaten down they become. Women, in particular, struggle with loneliness in a unique and profound way. The only way to overcome this suffering is to know how loneliness affects women, and what problems are unique in creating an even worse problem from before.

How loneliness affects women

Women respond differently than men, in general, to the effects of loneliness. While a man may bottle up his problems and shut himself off in complete isolation, women do whatever they can to remove the void in their lives, and that can lead to some pretty big mistakes. While a committed relationship or having a child - more on the latter in a moment - are not in themselves mistakes, they can be if a woman is not emotionally ready for the responsibilities and the realities of what these two things entail.

How pregnancy can play a role

Pregnancy is meant to be a joyous time in a woman's life, but it is also a time that brings with it a ton of added responsibility, and if the woman is having a child as an emotional response to loneliness, she may not be ready for the added pressure of caring for another human being, who depends completely on her financial support and emotional guidance. Pregnancy should never be a coping mechanism for loneliness. It is best when the woman is in a serious and successful committed relationship, where she can get the support she needs from her partner for the process of childbirth and child rearing to run smoothly.

What can be done to improve the situation

Before a woman decides to enter into a relationship she's not ready for or undergo a pregnancy as an emotional response, she needs to take a step back from the situation and be honest with herself about why she is entering into these responsibilities. Yes, a committed relationship is a good thing when it's successful, but it is also a job that she may not be ready for. The same is true of pregnancy. Rather than jump in to either of these matters, it is far better for the woman to seek counseling and treatment for any possible depression, so that she becomes more comfortable with herself.

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