Putting On Fake Finger Nails - Tips On How To Dress Up Your Fingers

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You have an important function coming up and you want to look your best for the occasion.

Unfortunately,Guest Posting house work has damaged your finger nails. You can do up your hair, put on your best dress but having damaged and ugly looking finger nails just dampen everything. You may be tempted to throw in the towel and just stay in - all because of those ugly nails. But hold on. There is always fake finger nails. Perhaps the day will turn out well after all!

Considering fake finger nails.

Usually, people who are not familiar with fake nails tend to shun them. The reason? They think that fake nails will look artificial. Other people can tell, with just one glance, whether those nails are genuine or not. Is there any truth in this?

If you use poor quality products, then yes, there is some truth in this belief. Some products are so poorly manufactured that they don't look natural at all. On top of that, they don't adhere well to your own nails. So that increases the risk of the fake nails dropping off during the course of the day.

Fortunately, higher quality products are quite different. For one, they look natural on the fingers. Others won't know they are fake unless you want them to. Secondly, they work well with nail polishes. You can put colors on them just as you would on your own natural finger nails. And finally, they adhere better and also come off easily.

Types of fake nails.

Acrylic and gel nails are the most commonly seen products in today's market. Acrylic is a type of plastic material. It is slightly flexible, and works well with colors and adhesive. They are also the most affordable. Some people, however, find plastic nails to be too hard. Nails are supposed to be soft, thin, and flexible. Natural nails also spot a translucent characteristic.

Gel products have all the characteristics of natural nails. Compared to acrylic, gel is a softer material. The translucent quality also looks more natural. Just like acrylic, they are very easy to work with. They work well with nail polishes, are easy to adhere and comes off easily. Acetone is usually used to soften and remove the adhesive as well as the colors.

Putting on fake nails on your own or visit a salon?

So now you are faced with the dilemma - do you put on fake nails on your own or do you visit a salon or manicurist? Well, that depends. If you have zero knowledge and experience when it comes to putting on nails and you don't mind pampering yourself a little, by all means visit a manicurist. A manicurist will be able to put the nails on for you quickly.

After the first visit, if you feel confident enough, try putting on the nails on your own. The adhesive comes with the products. So all you have to do is to follow the instructions. Most importantly, remember to give time for the adhesive to dry.

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