The Scary Thing About Loneliness In Women

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Loneliness in women is a growing problem all across the world.

Even in nations where women's rights are respected,Guest Posting validated, and even celebrated, women can find themselves longing for something that is missing. There are many causes and contributions to the feeling of loneliness that are true of both women and men. Both genders tend to place a lot of emphasis on their relationships, and when one goes south, they can find themselves wondering what went wrong and fearful of future commitment. But women have specific causes of loneliness that can make it difficult to overcome. If you are a woman, or if you have one in your life that you care about, then you need to be mindful of what some of these causes can look like. Here are some of the most common:

1. The life force

Having children is something women can do that men cannot, nor will they ever be able to. The life force can lead to a variety of issues that affect the growth of loneliness. Consider for a moment a woman, who has an unwanted child they cannot afford. Reluctant single moms may not feel like there is any help out there for them, and the experience of giving life can quickly turn in to one of drudgery that makes them feel disconnected from humanity. On the other hand, women, who do want children but are unable to have them, may feel they can never overcome their feelings of loneliness at the fact their life force will never be transferred to another human being. Having children for many women is a wonderful and blessed event, but it can also cause one tremendous feelings of loneliness.

2. Problems of emotion

When a relationship goes bad for a woman, she usually looks at it as if it highlights some emotional problem within herself. She thinks there is something about her that is "just who she is," and that as a result, she caused the failure of her relationship. Of course, this couldn't be further from the truth, but people do not often think rationally when their relationships end. While men find physical things to distract themselves with, things they might be able to improve on, women do not look at a relationship value in the same way, and it can be more difficult to overcome.

3. Societal pressures

Society, especially American society, tends to define a woman's quality on her relationships. While this is "wrong headed," women have a hard time avoiding the conventions, so when they haven't reached some special societal milestone, they begin to feel like they are alone in the world, and that their generation is passing them by, leaving them out in the cold as a stranger in "no woman's land."

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