A Strong PC Muscle Gives Women Several Health Benefits

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Strengthening the PC muscle will give men and women several sexual and health benefits. Some of these health benefits for women are increased bladder control, reduced menstruation cramps, and easier childbirth.

The PC muscle is a hammock-shaped muscle,Guest Posting stretching from your tail bone to your pubic bone. This muscle e.g., controls your bladder, and when you go to the toilet, you can locate it by stopping the stream of urine. The muscle you feel contracting when you do this is your PC muscle. You can strengthen it by voluntarily contracting it, over and over again, during activities like driving a car or watching television. Strengthening the PC muscle will give men and women several sexual and health benefits.

One function of the PC muscle is bladder control. When the PC muscle gets weaker, when you get older for example, it becomes more difficult to control your bladder, which can lead to urine incontinence.
Training the PC muscle can cure this urine incontinence. People who visit a doctor with urine incontinence often receive instructions to train their PC muscle. Because it works: once the strength of the PC muscle is restored, the bladder control is restored.

But why wait for those problems to start before we start training? When you get into the habit of training your PC muscle, for all the sexual benefits, you will also prevent the development of a weak bladder, regardless of how old you are. If you already have a weak bladder, or experience some “dripping” after you go to the toilet, you will notice that with regular PC workouts these are problems from the past.

Women who train their PC muscles often report that they experience fewer, if any, menstruation cramps. The reasons for this are not entirely clear: one explanation could be that the muscles in your vagina become better developed; another explanation could be the improved circulation of your genital area. Whatever the exact explanation, this is obviously good news.

The PC muscle is one of the pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor muscles form, together with your pelvis, a basket-shaped form that supports your intestines. Weakening of the pelvic floor can cause several medical problems, e.g., prolapsed pelvic organs and hemorrhoids. An added benefit of training your PC muscle is that you dramatically lower the chance that these medical problems happen to you, because you keep your pelvic floor fit and strong.

Women, who do PC muscle exercises before childbirth, will experience an easier childbirth, because they have trained the muscles of the vagina to be strong and supple. Another benefit is that the chance of being troubled by stress incontinence after childbirth is greatly reduced, when you keep your PC muscle in good shape. Doing the exercises after childbirth will also help you to regain the strength and tightness of your vagina.

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