The Cost of Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery has been beneficial in helping people to overcome disfigurement after a horrendous accident as well as helping others restore their self-confidence. Cosmetic surgery,Guest Posting although not cheap and completely voluntary, makes billions of dollars each year because of the high demand for it. Yes, billions, with a 'b', not millions. For example, in 2009, the figure has been estimated to be past 10 billion dollars, with millions of people electing to have it done. Some minor procedures, like a microdermabrasion, removing imperfections on facial skin, can be done for less than $200, varying from $130 to $175, while major procedures like an abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck, can be about $5,000. Of course, $5,000 is not the upper limit, and some surgeries can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars. There is no standard rate because of the wide range of cost factors for each procedure. Usually, the less invasive, the less the cost. The most popular procedure has been Botox and collagen treatments, and although the injections cost less than $500, they were responsible for over 2 billion dollars in revenue. Usually, most plastic surgeries were focused on enhancing facial beauty, with non-surgical procedures using chemicals and injections but not a scalpel, averaging under a $1,000.Price Factors In Cosmetic SurgeryThe fees the surgeons ask depends on whether the practice is in a rural, suburban, or city area. On top of their fees, the patient has to consider the costs of medical tests, the anesthesia, the prescriptions, and other miscellaneous costs. In addition, the patient may require different teams of specialists other than the primary surgeon, and these too will be added into the cost.Costs For Different ProceduresIn the following listing of costs, we will only look at the national average for surgeon’s fees. These figures are only approximations, and are subject to change depending on many cost accounting variables ranging from location to year to new technological features.Plastic Surgery For AbdominalsAbdominoplasty or tummy tuck cost $5,350Plastic Surgery For Facial BeautyBlepharoplasty or cosmetic eyelid surgery cost $2,840Chin augmentation cost $2,254Facelifts cost $6,792Forehead lift cost $3,337Botox injections cost $380Mesotherapy cost $385Chemical peels cost $718Dermabrasions cost $1,544Otoplasty or cosmetic ear surgery cost $3,085Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping cost $4,357Lip augmentation cost $1,611Cheek implants cost $2,840Plastic Surgery For Hair RemovalLaser hair removal cost $387Ablative laser skin resurfacing cost $2,418Nonablative laser skin resurfacing cost $580Plastic Surgery For BreastsBreast surgery for women:Silicone gel implants breast augmentation cost $4,087Saline implants breast augmentation cost $3,690Breast lift cost $4,341Breast reduction cost $5, 417Breast surgery for men:Gynecomastia or breast reduction cost $3,445 Plastic Surgery For ButtocksButtock augmentation cost $4,250Buttock lifts cost $4,885Plastic Surgery for HairHair transplantation cost $5,847Plastic Surgery for Fat reductionSuction assisted lipoplasty cost $2.920Ultrasound assisted liposuction cost $2,963Plastic Surgery For Lifting Sagging SkinLower body lift cost $8,043Upper arm lift cost $3,864Thigh lift cost $4,783SummaryAlthough these numbers are quite specific, they should be considered average figures only and are subject to change, depending on the procedure, the needs of the patient, the fees of the surgeon, the other related specialists, and all the miscellaneous costs associated with medical treatment. In addition, costs are also influenced by location, with different rates for rural and urban areas. However, if you do decide to get some plastic surgery, these ball park figures will give you an idea of the general costs for different areas of plastic surgery.Still wondering what your planned surgery may cost? Find out more about the Cost of Plastic Surgery.

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