Online Dating Tips - Why am I Attracted To You

Oct 11


ardie claveria

ardie claveria

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Sometimes,Online Dating Tips - Why am I Attracted To You Articles we say this is our ideal man and everything but then someone came up and even if we admit or not, we are attracted to them. Like for example, who wants a bad guy image? But we are likely attracted to them too. Why is that? What attracts us? This is important to know specially if you are doing online dating. So we give you this article as one of our online dating tips so that you will know the meaning of attraction. Imago relationship therapy was created by Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt. The therapy is based on the theory that we choose a partner, many times unconsciously who is perfectly suited to us, based on our image, that we have created from all of our experiences from childhood. These partners have the unique ability to heal our childhood wounds. They have qualities that are similar to the positive and negative qualities of your original caretakers, and cleverly, we have chosen them because the hold the special characteristics that, when combined with our own personality traits, will help us to finish all of our unfinished business from childhood. We will get the love we always wanted! It’s no coincidence that we choose the mates we do based on their similarities to and differences from our childhood experiences. Because of this amazing and uncanny ability we all have to pick our partner, we end up with someone who can also bring up all of our issues! Although our partners can heal us from our pain like no one else, they can also hurt us in some of the same places where we have leftover wounds from childhood. We fall in love with people because we love who we are when we are with them. We feel they fulfill us in ways we can’t feel fulfilled alone. We feel safe, connected and relaxed. However, when they no longer fulfill all of our needs, we tend to withdraw from or attack them. We either run away or settle in. If we decide to stay, we reach a point where the sexual needs in the relationship begin to get split off or we simply compartmentalize these needs for sex into a box deep inside ourselves. At times we have the fantasy that switching partners will do the trick; and it might, for a while, but then we fall back into that conflict. To avoid this conflict, communication is key; safe communication will increase the passion in your partnership and passion will improve communication. We hope you enjoy our online dating tips article today. Watch out for more.

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