What Does Masonic Mean – Becoming A Masonic Brotherhood Member

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Freemasonry is a brotherhood of men who believe in offering help to other people the best way they can without any payment or compensation. Becoming a Mason implies a lot of things.

The word 'mason' may refer to a craftsman whose job involves setting or stones and bricks; the word 'masonic' refers to becoming a part of a special brotherhood.  Masonic refers to being a member of the elite fraternal organization.  Membership to Freemasonry or the brotherhood of masons signifies a lot of things.  A member becomes a part of the age-old tradition that started more than 500 years ago when the freemason guilds have travelled through the European land and laid stones of Gothic cathedral. It means you are to become a better person as you help others in improving their lives; forming lasting and deep friendships that go over boundaries set by culture,Guest Posting race or religion.  To be a Mason means feeling satisfied from giving selflessly to other without being asked; giving without expecting any return or payment for your deed.  Freemasonry shares many of the beliefs and virtues of other religions (although it is not a religion) such as fair play, honesty and unselfishness.  The brotherhood tries to instill these beliefs to its members through teachings and traditions to help them improve themselves and the lives of those around them.  This brotherhood is composed of men from many countries sharing a common effort of bettering themselves, of easing others from their sufferings and of making the world a better place to thrive in.  The organization does not merely preach, but teaches through examples. Members are not recruited, but are attracted to the performance of its members doing good works to others. One needs to ask in order to become a member, instead of the brotherhood asking you to become a member. There are requirements you need to meet if you would like to become a Mason. First, you need to approach the brotherhood on your own free will. You should also have belief in the Supreme Being. Depending on the jurisdiction, you need to pass the minimum age requirement (18-25). You must have good morals and reputation.  Your mind and body should also be both sound, etc.Since it is a worldwide brotherhood, it means you also have friends wherever you go. Masons represent every race, every culture and every creed. There are masons who are accountants, engineers, teachers, laborers, etc.  It does not matter if you are a menial laborer or an executive. No matter what walk of life you belong to, you and all your Mason brothers are treated equally. Each member passed through the same rituals and rites. The brotherhood of Masons is built upon three basic principles: truth, relief and brotherly love. There are degrees or ceremonies that a member goes through where these principles are taught. Although Freemasonry may not be a secret society, but it values trust and confidentiality so its rites/rituals are obscured to the public. Selfless giving is one of the trademarks of Masons.  You can see this clearly through the multitude assistances that the brotherhood has given to charity. About two million dollars each day are contributed by the organization to help relieve sufferings of people and to enrich people's lives.  People of all ages are helped without charging any fee or cost. Crippled children, schizophrenic patients, retired elders, drug dependents and more have been receiving help from the Masons.  The brothers believe that in helping others, a man also helps himself.

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