2nd March - Coca-Cola Football League One - Oldham Athletic Vs United Leeds

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Coca-Cola Football League 1 is ranked as the second-highest division in the football league and third highest division in the English football league.

This Football League was first introduced in 2004-2005 season before getting the name of Coca-Cola Football League; it was called as football league second division. This season,Guest Posting the matches of this league are going on amusing football fanatics; there is still great football sport ahead in the form of many tough confrontations of teams on coming month.

One important match of this league will take place on 2nd March between Oldham and Leeds. If you review football livescore schedule, you will also come across the details of clash between Leeds United and Oldham Athletic scheduled on 2nd march. Recently, Oldham Athletic has launched a campaign for Royal Oldham hospital to raise awareness for the support of this hospital as they are successful to collect £250,000 funds for the improvement of the hospital. Leeds continuously enjoys the latest trend of good home form with their consecutive wins over many teams as they recently have recently defeated Cheltenham.

If they repeat this trick again for their coming matches, they will hopefully display attractive live football score chart for the reputation of their club. They still need to implement some strategies for the improvement of their weak points as they should not rely only on the benefit of playing in their home ground. Leeds united manager; Simon Grayson has admitted that performance of his team in the last match against Hereford United that was not satisfactory. He says that United Leeds think of it as inspiration for coming matches to get surety that it will not happen again.  The reason was that this time Leeds did not show high quality performance in this match.

While on the other hand, Oldham Athletic manager John Sheridan showed some sad expression over the defeat of his club in Tuesday with 2-0 home defeat from Bristol Rovers. After this defeat, Oldham Athletic must give concentration to improve their performance for coming matches. They will be facing United Leeds on 2nd March in the Coca-cola League one match where they will need to perform well if they want to get dominance over Leeds. In the last match against Bristol Rovers, the players of Oldham Athletic looked helpless before the striking performance Byron Anthony and Darryl Duffy as they scored goals to get victory over their opposition for the second time in this season.

In the match against Yeovil Town, they performed well as this match was ended in draw and it made Oldham Athletic to get four more points. Now the players of this club are hoping to perform best in the coming match because it will be good for success of their club as well. If Oldham Athletic wants to win the title of Coca-Cola League One, they will bring some extraordinary performance on 2nd march. They are already at fourth position in the league table ranking so they need a few victories to move at top position.

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