40 Plus Inch Tai Chi Sword Review

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Learn the truth about the 40 Plus Inch Tai Chi Sword and see if it is right for you at this time. Read our review of the 40 Plus Inch Tai Chi Sword and enjoy the article.

If you're looking for an excellent tool to use practicing your Chinese martial art,Guest Posting select the 40 plus inch Tai Chi sword for its great dependability plus because incredible value. There are many swords from which you can choose when you're looking to take your Tai Chi movements to weapons level.

You can find whatever type of Chinese sword available online, but you need to be careful. Always make sure that the sword you select is of the highest quality manufacturing otherwise it will not hold up to the vigorous workout you will put it through when applying Tai Chi sword movements.

How to Select a Tai Chi Sword

Just like there are thousands of different styles and shapes of stores throughout the world, there is not one shape or style limited when you're selecting your 40 plus inch Tai Chi sword. This would be in the category of a "straight sword." Another type would be a "broadsword." The straight sword is used to mimic movements that would be those used by a warrior against an opponent working around the opponent's weapon as well as thrusting and stabbing at pinpointed targets. The broadsword is a power weapon that is used to mimic the swordsmanship moves of chopping, blocking as well as overpowering.

Following Tai Chi Styles

Use of the 40 plus inch Tai Chi sword will help its owner practice and perfect whatever style of Tai Chi swordsmanship is selected, for example the popular Sun style. This style was created by Grandmaster Sun Lu-Tang (1861-1923) who was the first in China to teach all three core Chinese martial arts - Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Quan and Tai Ji Quan to both men and women alike throughout many of the major Chinese cities during his lifetime.

Stainless Steel Construction Makes Easier Handling

Selection of this 40 plus inch Tai Chi sword to perform the 62 movements included in Sun Taijiquan Sword is a good choice due to its stainless steel construction that makes it easier to handle than a battle-ready weapon constructed from high-carbon or multi-folded steel.

The blade is actually 29.5 inches long mimicking authentic historical appearance as well as top-quality performance. The blade length lends itself perfectly for the smooth "open-hand" style personified by Sun Taijiquan sword movements. Its weight and balance add to the user's ability to complete the rigorous physical demanding 62-movement sword workout of the Sun Taijiquan.

Balance is Power

The balance referred to this sword is referencing the ability of its wielder to produce quick movements through a great deal of wrist movement. A sword balance should be at the grasping point or within a half-inch in behind the blade guard, at the guard or no more than one inch to the front of the guard.

Pretty Works

Additionally, this sword is quite attractive with a smooth black handle that is comprised of solid cast-metal pommel with a coordinated guard and engravings unique to this particular weapon. So, your choice is perfect selecting this weapon because it not only looks great, but will function perfectly as well.

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