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The teams of Hampshire and Warwickshire are ready to enter the cricket ground for their match on Tuesday 21st July. Both the teams will be playing the match of LVCC,Guest Posting which will be the part of Division One. The match will be played at The Rose Bowl at 11:00 according to the GMT. According to the England Cricket Board the match timings are needed to be changed. The schedule of this match has been changed for the convenience of the team of Hampshire. The changes have been brought in the starting timings of the match. Therefore this match, that has to be played between the teams of Hampshire and Warwickshire, will be starting on 21st July and will continue till 24th of July.

The reason for the changing in the starting schedule of the match has been brought in because of the participation of the team of Hampshire in the final match of Friends Provident Trophy. This final match will be played at Lords. The team of Hampshire will play this match on Saturday, 25th July. Therefore, the ECB brought changes in the starting schedule of this match. Now the match will start from 21st July. In this way the team of Hampshire will not have to face any type of problem and will easily participate in the match. Both these teams are popular enough and have been winning the county matches against strong and competitive opponents. The strength and efficiency of these teams will make the match more interesting and the audience will get to watch an extraordinary match.

The captains of both the teams will formulate their strategies on the day of this match. They will be surely making and deciding over different strategies before the match as well, but weather also plays an important role in the development of match related strategies. Every one of you is aware of the unpredictability of the weather of England. Therefore, it is bit difficult to tell that which of the team will get benefit from bating first. The toss winning team will definitely be at an advantage over the other team. If the weather will be clear and the pitch will be supportive for bating, then the toss winning team will definitely go for the bating first. On bating first, the team gets an advantage and is more confidants because chasing target somehow restrain the players, but it does not mean the on bowling first decreases the chances of winning. The cricket match results will be uploaded on internet.

England has always been famous for its county matches. County championships have been very popular among the nationals of England and they have been enjoying this type of cricket since years. Their passion and interest for cricket have always attracted them towards county matches and they have always encouraged their favorite teams with an extreme enthusiasm. The live cricket scores will keep the cricket lovers updated on the development of the match. You must come to watch this match and should support the two teams with positive energy. This match will surely entertain you. You can also take the updates of cricket live score online and keep yourself in connection with the proceedings of this match.

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