Follow These NBA Betting Strategies to Win!

Jan 5


Onesimus Smith

Onesimus Smith

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--Do you want to change your luck this 2011 by actually winning in NBA betting this year?


Do you want to change your luck this 2011 by actually winning in NBA betting this year? Well,Follow These NBA Betting Strategies to Win! Articles you can certainly do that by following our basic NBA betting tips. One rule about NBA betting is that you should always do your homework. Just like in any situation in real life, NBA betting also follows the "knowledge is power" concept. The more you know, the better judge you will become when it comes to choosing the winning picks in NBA betting. This includes not only which team to bet on, but how much money should be wagered and when the best time to do it will be.

Here are a few more NBA betting tips you should take to heart in order to win this year. #1 NBA Betting Tips to Follow: Know when to root for the underdog. This is not the most original, earth-shaking NBA betting tip out there but it is an important tip and a good source on how to make money. Always be on the lookout for the NBA underdog. These are small underdog teams that are not superstars in the league but have enough talent for short bursts of stellar performances to offset the whole order of NBA teams that are reigning supreme.

Betting on the underdog is a good advice even for sports such as the NFL. So, always be observant of the smaller teams and be able to obtain the right data on teams that can beat your favorite team through certain reasons such as injury on the favorite team or a new coach on the underdog team. Once you have analyzed that the payout is worth it, bet a lot on the small underdog. And if you win, you win big money. 

Of course, you also have to be realistic in making your judgments as underdogs are called underdogs for a reason.

#2 NBA Betting Tips to Follow: When assessing if the underdog can win versus the NBA leading team add +3 points.

Adding three points to the underdog will give you a slight overview of the chances the underdog team can win. It goes without saying if the chances are great, do not be afraid to bet. 

#3 NBA Betting Tips to Follow : Long road trips by an NBA team can affect its performance. It is best to keep this important factor in mind.

As we have mentioned in the beginning, knowledge is power and even seemingly random knowledge about your NBA team can mean losing or winning an NBA betting investment you have made. Long trips can take a toll on athletes and everyone knows that small things can mean a great deal when it comes to an NBA player's performance. So, if you find a good team performing badly after a road trip, you would know how to analyze your picks in your NBA bets. You can also observe the reverse of the situation. When you see a poor performing NBA team winning on home court over a good NBA team, then you can decide to vote on the underdog.

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