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The tournament of Twenty20 Cup is going on with full spirits. This tournament has been able to grab the attention of all the cricket lovers. Cricket is the game,Guest Posting which is in the blood of the nationals of England. This tournament, as always is going on successfully. The teams are really getting the attention of their fans and the grounds are fully captured by the passionate fans of cricket. On Tuesday, 28th July, the teams of Lancashire and Somerset will play against each other at the Old Trafford. This match will be the part of the quarter finals, played between the teams. This quarter final will start at 5:40 pm according to the local time.

Both the teams are well prepared for this match and will be trying to outshine their opponents inside the ground with full positive spirit. The teams will hit the ground with flying colors. County clubs of England are very popular and are famous for hosting a number of good quality matches every year. The county clubs have been successful in polishing and grooming the cricketers. The teams, who are participating in this popular and exciting tournament, are really putting in their 100% effort to make these matches worth seeing for the cricket lovers. The fans of both the teams of Lancashire and Somerset will come to the ground on the particular day of the match, to support their favorite teams.

Both the teams have been privileged to play the game in the quarter finals because of their extraordinary performance in their past matches. It is for sure that the captains and coaches of these teams would be formulating technical strategies in order to give tough competition to their opponents inside the ground. The team players and the name of the umpire of this match have not been announced yet. The names of team players and umpire will be announced very soon. This does not mean that both the teams are still unprepared for the match. The teams are really into their net practice and are working hard to beat their opponents with full zest and zeal.

Every year, these matches are organized in the summer season. The reason of selecting this season for arranging such tournaments is the likeness of players and the cricket lovers for this season. Sunny day will surely be grabbing and attracting more number of spectators to the ground and the applause and encouragement from the side of audience will boost up the morale of both the teams. The captains of both the teams will makesome changes in their strategic plan on the day of this match, depending upon the weather conditions on that particular day. The cricket match results will keep you updated online. If you want to know the live cricket scores of this match, then you can go online and take all the updates. On internet, the cricket live scores will keep you updated on the developments of the match. There is no need to wait anymore. The tickets for this match are being sold. Go and rush for your tickets and get yourselves delighted by watching the quarter final match.

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