Hockey Betting News on New Coaches Handling Top Divisional Foes

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The sportsbook sites online that offer hockey betting must be having a hard time right now with all the coach changes happening. The Washington coach,Guest Posting Bruce Boudreau, was fired and after four days is the new coach of the Anaheim Ducks. Who’s to take over Washington? That’s Dale Hunter who lost his first game. Let’s not forget Kirk Muller in Carolina who until now has not won a game as a head coach. It seems that the swapping of coaches is still not done and hockey betting enthusiasts will have to take note of these new coaches. So why don’t we look at how these new coaches are faring this week?

Washington Capitals @ Florida Panthers

Monday, 7:30 PM ET

Dale Hunter, the new coach of Washington may reminisce the days when the Florida Panthers were the doormat of the NHL. But the Panthers are one of the top teams in the NHL and not exactly the kind of team that a struggling coach wants to face. The Panthers play a tight game where scoring is at a premium, which could favor Washington. But Hunter needs to get his two big stars, captain Alex Ovechkin and goaltender Tomas Vokoun, hitting on all cylinders if this team wants to win.

Hockey betting expert advisers aren’t so sure if a game against the Panthers will help the Washington players confidence.

Hockey Betting Pick: Panthers

Carolina Hurricanes @ Calgary Flames

Tuesday, 9:00 PM ET

This could a breath of fresh air for Kirk Muller. Perhaps he can finally cure his losing streak with the game against the Calgary Flames. The Hurricanes and Flames have the same problem – they have good goaltending but just couldn’t score goals. The difference is that the Hurricanes have a fairly mobile defense that can help move the puck against a stagnant Calgary team. The Hockey betting crowd online usually bets against the Flames when the opposition is desperate and true enough, there is no team more desperate than the Carolina Hurricanes.

Hockey Betting Pick: Carolina Hurricanes

Anaheim Ducks @ St. Louis Blues

Thursday, 8:00 PM ET

This would never ever boom outside the fans of Blues and Ducks but the new coaches are producing quite a positive effect. Ken Hitchcock stepped in and is curing the illness of the Blues while Bruce Boudreau will end his honeymoon with the Ducks soon since the players are responding more on the firing of their coach and not Boudreau’s coaching. The Ducks need a lot of help on the ice, and it will start showing through. The Blues, on the other hand, are a quality team then needed a coach that knows how to utilize talent. That is what Hitchcock does.

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