Hockey Betting Tips for Starters

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It is common that a lot of people think that hockey is not a very popular betting sports but what they don’t know is that there are lots of followers for this sports. Aside from people taking interests,Guest Posting sports betting experts bet on this sport aside from the four major sports games available.

If you really want to start earning some cash and enjoy a good game then you better start hockey betting today.

Since Hockey doesn’t get all the attention the lines aren’t always as sharp as in other sports. A smart bettor can definitely take advantage and win more than enough bets to show a profit on hockey betting.

In the National Hockey League, there are three main kinds of bets where you can wager. First of all there’s the moneyline which is of course the same as in other sports, so knowing this is necessary on your sports betting career.

The low down on the moneyline is that when you see a team that has a sign next to it like San Jose +150 then it simply means that you must bet $100 in order to win $150 or the amount listed. However, if you see a line such as -150 then you have to bet $150 in order to $100. Favorites will always have a (-) sign and underdogs will always have a (+) sign.

A little bit more complex is the puck line bet where it combines the aspects of the spread line and money line bets popular in other sports. The puck line does use a spread but it’s always the same – one team is favored by exactly 1.5 goals over the other. The odds on both teams are seldom the same unlike in football where both sides on a spread line bet will usually pay -110, the payouts on puck line bets often look like this: San Jose +1.5 (-200)

In this case, San Jose is getting a 1.5 goal handicap, meaning that even if they lose by a single goal, a bet on them wins. But of course, there’s a catch; San Jose as indicated is a heavy favorite to cover that spread.

If you really want to do well on hockey betting then you must do research. Hockey betting is a great sport to bet on since bookmakers aren’t that interested in hockey so they spend little less time when creating their hockey betting line. That means a gambler who does his homework will find sports where the sportsbooks have missed something and one side of a bet has a major edge.

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