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A hockey match between India and European champion, Holland held on 4th February 2009 in Chandigarh. This match marked the first match in the second leg of the hockey tournament. In the first league of the tournament, Indian hockey team drew the Dutch 4-4 and fell back two times. However, Indian team came back powerfully to hold their strong competitors. Check out the knocking live hockey scores.

Both teams,Guest Posting India and Holland scored eight points in four matches. The Holland received four penalty corners. Hence, Holland was able to exchange one, while India could not come up with any. Holland could not grasp on to the lead for long because India equalized within two minutes of recommencement.

Holland hockey team was able to get their first penalty corner in the 16th minute of the second half but failed to switch it because Shivender Singh gathered an extended ball from Dilip Tirkey and went past competitor goalkeeper Stockmamm before sending the ball into the net. Holland hockey team got another chance in the very next minute and Geert Jan Derikx sent the bounce back to goalkeeper whose name is Baljit Singh. In this way, Holland got a lead once again with 2-1 lead.

The Indians regrouped and managed them. They equalized the score in the 20th minute of the second half when Prabhjot Singh sounded the position after receiving a long pass from skipper Sandeep Singh.

Indian goalkeeper Baljit showed positive performance against Germany in previous hockey match between India and Germany. He continued to maintain his impressive performance and actions in this hockey match between India and Holland as he warding off 4 penalty corners as well as he was able to stop crucial hits from Hockey players of Holland. On the other hand, the Dutch received their third and fourth penalty corners by the end of the match but Goalkeeper Bijit was fully alert and he successfully frustrated Holland team.

Holland had most of the ball strokes in their control in the first fifteen minutes of the first half. In this way, Holland dominated the game only for a short period of time. After that, Indian players depended on counter attacks and Holland team was under strong pressure that was created by the Indian team. Indian promotes Rajpal, Prabhjot, Shivender and Gurbaj who tried to dominate the game by led the attacks but they were failed to get a great deal of achievements.

Indian team could have accomplishments but Shivender missed a golden chance in the 30th minute of the game when he failed to catch a pass from Tushar Khandekar who was very close to the striking spot. Indian Hockey team was keen on winning. On the other hand, Holland played an attacking game. In addition, the Dutch have looked solid in their game. However, Indian team holds Holland with 2-2.

If I had to guess the hockey results of second leg of its tournament, this is possibly what I would see as my securest calculations.

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