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Not all NBA fans know how to bet on NBA properly,Guest Posting what they usually do is wager on their favorite team and wish that their team wins. Unfortunately, this lacks research and reason to bet on a team so most of the time they kiss their cash goodbye. Smart bettors, those who really want to win and bets for a living would first check out what are their options and if they can gather information. In this article we are going to discuss the basic betting principles that will teach you how to bet on NBA properly.

The Point Spread

Also known as Sides, this bet features a favorite and an underdog team. If you take the favorite in the match up, you give points to the other team which means you take those points away from your score at the end of the game to determine your score vs. the other team.

If you stake the underdog, you’re getting free points from the other team that you add onto your score at game’s end to determine the winner. The common odds on this bet have you laying $1.10 to profit $1.00. As with almost all wagers in sports betting, should you tie - you get your stake back. If you win you nail the profit as well as your stake back.


This one doesn’t have the point spread in the picture and is a bet on NBA where you choose the team will win, the team who has more points at the end of the game. Betting on the favorite means you would have to overpay in order to win an amount less than what you wagered.

However, betting on the underdog can give you a chance of winning more than what you wagered if the underdog wins. Unlike betting on the favorite, betting on the underdog would only expect you to lay a small amount to profit more.


This type of bet has nothing at all to do with the point spread or either team winning. Totals wagers are only relative to how many points are scored in the game by both teams. You either select over or under the posted total. This like sides, is a wager in which you should expect to lay $1.10 to profit $1.00.


This is quite a risky bet on NBA but can yield high rewards. In a parlay wager, you bet in between 2-12 teams and have to win all of the best in order for the bet to cash. If you get just a single loss then you lose the bet.

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