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Truth be told,Guest Posting wagering on hockey betting odds is not the same as any other sports since online sports betting handicappers really need to get accustomed to not only the game itself, but also to the NHL odds and what factors are involved when creating them.

There are important details to remember such as:

• Starting goaltenders are key

• Home ice advantage can play a huge role

• Your attention should be given to the puck line

In hockey betting, one of the most important things is the starting goaltenders. Clearly, just as in any sport, there is the “team vs team” aspect, but the day-to-day NHL odds are always affected by which goalies are starting for each team. In other situations, the number 1 goalie on the team will start the bulk of the games, but still not all of them. There will of course be a difference in the team’s performance if the goalie is on a day-off and the weaker back-up is in net. Take note of these situations and use them to your advantage.

The home ice advantage is also an important factor in the hockey betting odds . It is common knowledge the team playing in their home field or ice is comfortable playing in it and we all know it’s a bit harder for the team on the road. Teams playing in their home ice have a better chance of winning. It is almost always seen that teams playing in their home ice is favored on hockey betting odds.

Keeping an eye on the puck line is just as important as the other two when it comes on the hockey betting odds . This is similar to runlines in baseball and simply denotes a -1.5 spread. The difference in the NHL is that when a team is down by a goal, they will pull their goalie in the waning minutes of the game to bring on an extra attacker on the ice. But in that trade off, often the team that is winning can find that empty net and eventually win by two to cover that spread.

The regular season in the National Hockey League has 82 games, which is considerably a long season. Make sure that you take note of the streaks since most teams, even the best teams in the league, will go through slumps. Following streaks and using it to your advantage can be quite profitable in Hockey betting.

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