More NBA Betting Strategies for 2011

Jan 5


Onesimus Smith

Onesimus Smith

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The new year is here and in this decade your luck can change. This includes the luck you get when it comes to NBA betting. So, to guide you through th...

The new year is here and in this decade your luck can change. This includes the luck you get when it comes to NBA betting. So,More NBA Betting Strategies for 2011 Articles to guide you through the new year, here are some NBA betting tips we have gathered from professional bettors and sports journalists. We hope you can use it for luck and for money this new year!

More NBA Betting Strategies For 2011 Tip # 1: Always check for the moneyline on the small time teams and the NBA underdogs.

You have probably heard of this NBA betting tip before, but it is good to repeat it because it is an effective process to follow. Being interested and rooting for an underdog team is always a good strategy, may it be basketball or football.

Of course, betting on an NBA underdog is always something you have to analyze well. If you deem that your payout will be great and the same goes with your calculations of the team to win (or just the fact that there is value found in doing so), you should totally bet on the moneyline and on the NBA underdogs whether they be big underdogs or small ones.

When you bet on the moneyline for small underdogs, you have a huge chance of getting positive odds, however, your break even point would have to be lowered down to below the fifty percent range. This means that you do not need to win fifty percent of your bets on the moneyline team underdog to make a tidy profit.

One thing you have to be aware of though, is the NBA teams are called underdogs for good reason. So, it’s not like you betting on the underdog guarantees an easy win in NBA betting. Logically, it is still a risky gamble but it is something of an option for you. The only point of the tip is you can always find some form of value in rooting and putting NBA betting money on the underdog, so be not afraid to do so.

More NBA Betting Strategies For 2011 Tip # 2: Give the underdog +3 more or less when you decide to put money on them. This give you a ballpark figure on whether it is a wise bet or not.

More NBA Betting Strategies For 2011 Tip # 3: Long road trips in the NBA matter.

This is a useful tip that looks like just a random fact about the NBA and their players but can play an integral role in the winning or losing of a team. NBA teams have to engage in road trips right? Well, these road trips can be pivotal for a team to win or lose a game. Research on the team’s current performance and how long the NBA team has been out playing. If a great team loses to a slow team just because the former played on the latter’s home court, well you’ve got a tired team right there and the underdog NBA team might just win the game in this case.

However, the odds make will take this information into consideration as well and will include it as bookmakers set the line.

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