The Benefits of Learning to Speed Skate

Sep 9


Morgan Hamilton

Morgan Hamilton

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Do you know what speed skating is? No matter how its name sounds, this is a type of sport whose goal is to cover a certain distance going as fast as possible. I probably must add that this is awesome excercise as well.


There are different types of speed skating like long track and short track speed skate,The Benefits of Learning to Speed Skate Articles inline speed skate and quad speed skate. Speed skate is very popular these days. Speed skating had even been held as a competition in the Winter Olympic Games. Speed skating was first developed as a sport in the Netherlands. There, speed skating is still a very popular and desired sport.

During the 90s, speed skating was strongly influenced by the appearance of clap skates. Clap skates differ from the other ice skates in the blade attached to the boot by a hinge but not fixed to the whole boot. What was the difference between the regular speed skates and clap skates? Clap skates improved skating so that it became quite faster. Clap skates remain in contact with the ice longer than the other skates. This type of skates contributed to the success of speed skating.

Clap skates use long and thin blades to stand on. This has proved to be very important for speed skating. These long blades are very crucial for speed skating but it is not completely necessary for the other type of ice-skating. Clap skate blades are long from 12 to 18 inches. They are usually 1 mm thin. Of course, different blades have different sizes according to the body size and other factors. For example, professional skaters usually use blades around 17 inches in length. Some people while they are ice-skating, use inline or quad roller skates. According to the season, skaters choose between inline and ice speed skate.

Now, we should talk about the prices. A pair of quad speed skates will cost you about $200.00, if you buy them at the skating rink. A pair of inline speed skates will cost you about $70.00, which is about $35 for each skate. Short track speed skates will cost you between $200-400.00. This type of skates you may use for indoor rinks. Long track speed skates are cheaper and you will pay for them between $200.00 -$300.00. I must warn you that if you are seeking for ice speed skate of good quality you may have to pay much more. High-quality speed skates tend to be more expensive.

Ice speed skates can be found at a discount. There you may pay less if you are not willing to pay much money for speed skates. On an in-rink selling off you may find speed skates for 25-50% of the total price. It is important to know that buying speed skated in the rink will cost you much money. If you cannot afford to pay much money, you will have to search for speed skates that are ahead of time.

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